BBT Rise 7 Dpo

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Elizabeth - September 30

My temps post ovulation were consistently at 98.6 until 7dpo when they went to 98.7, then 98.9. Does this mean its triphasic? How much of an increase is needed to be triphasic? I am having preg. symptoms like tender br___ts and nipples, dull cramping, what I think is heartburn (have never experienced that in past), weird twinges around pelvic area, back pain, fatigue. What do you guys think?


bump - September 30



? - September 30

I don't know.


Wondering - September 30

It sure sounds good to me. I know in "Taking Charge of your Fertility" the author discusses how a third level of temps can be linked to pregnancy. When are you due?


Elizabeth - October 1

I dont know what is going on! Yesterday my temps went up again to 99, then today went way down to 98.3. I wiped today (sorry for the detail!!) and saw some blood, very slight though so far. I am 10 dpo so I suppose it could maybe be implantation, but do your temps take that much of a dip with implantation? I am confused though because I thought that triphasic temps went up the third time because of the progesterone FROM implantation. ??? Anyone with a similar experience??


Elizabeth - October 1

Oh...and when i'm due....not exactly sure. I jump around a lot. It could be in the next couple days. I have had short leutal phases the last couple cycles.


Sarah - October 1

I have been charting my basal temp, and they are staying elevated, but my hpt are still negative. I am 3 weeks late and am considering a doctor's visit since I have many signs/symptoms.


jen xxxx - October 2

hi in the same situatin as u.. im also 10dpo.. n have lite bleeding today...i also had a temp drop... just gonna wait n c wat happens tomorrow


Elizabeth - October 2

Update....i'm on my second day of spotting. My temps went down again to 97.9. So I guess that means either early miscarriage or period came too early to implant?? I still have all of the symptoms though. The last 2 days I have been exhausted (not normal with a period for me). Has anyone else gone through this or going through this????


Yvonne - October 3

Sorry Elizabeth, it sounds like your period! After 10 - 14 DPO your temp drops and AF follows within 48 hours. If you are pregnant, it absolutely does not drop at all. I have been temping for almost 3 months. Keep it up! It is effective after a few cycles! Your luteal phase should not very by more than a day every cycle. For most the LP is the only constant thing you can count on. Mine is 11 days. Less than 10 days means it is not lopng enough to sustain a pregnancy. Sarah: you are not ovulating, you may want to see someone.... erratic temps can mean a thyroid problem. Are your temps relatively the same? Do you have irregular periods? P.S. Triphasic CAN be pregnancy, but only about 60 % of the time...


2ice - October 5

Here's one for was scheduled to start the 10/3. Started brownish spotting 9/30 of the previous month. The bleeding has gotten heavier, but my temp has remained elevated, even through the bleeding. I am now 17 dpo, and am still bleeding, basically like a normal period. It is unusual for me that I would start spotting early like that. Any thoughts?


Sarah - October 6

The bleeding could be implantation bleeding, which usually comes about 7-11 days after fertilization. The books say it sometimes comes at right around your period, so it can easily be disguised. It is usually lighter and only lasts for two-three days.


2ice - October 7

Sarah~ Did you find out if you're pregnant?


Elizabeth - October 7

I still do not know what is going on. As my temp dropped to 98.3 I had very light spotting, then had 2 days of light, then 2 days of spotting and my temp has stayed about the same since. Pre-ov I am usually upper 97s - 98. So it is a tiny bit higher, but not dramatically higher as it is when pregnant. I still have cramping and the bleeding/spotting has been done now for 2 days and I have lower back pain as well. Anyone have any ideas or similar experience??


Sarah - October 8

I finally told myself to get a blood test, so I am awaiting results. I've been having various symptoms the past month but home tests keep coming up negative. They don't pa__sify me because I feel so different. From what I've looked at on the pregnancy test threads, I'm not alone in that department either! I have mild nausea off and on throughout the day, unending thirst, mild cramping, tender b___sts, and exhaustion on some days. What really makes me think I'm pregnant is the change in my basal temp and implantation bleeding. I usually hover around 97.1 and go up to 97.5 when I ovulate. (I know they're low, I'm a cold-blooded person!) They have stayed elevated for quite some time, and according to the literature I've been reading, that is a positive sign. I also experienced implantation bleeding around 8 days post ovulation. I'll keep you posted on the blood test results.


Sarah - October 21

An update ladies. Negative. My BBT finally dropped back to normal. We'll have to try again.


2 ice - October 21

I'm so sorry, Sarah. We found out we had an early miscarriage, thus the bleeding but high temps. We are also trying again. Good luck!



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