BBT Temps And Possible Pregnancy

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Kerri - April 14

HI, I've been trying ttc since January and this time I think maybe the one! We bd the day before ovulation as my last so called a/f was Mar 22 and I've been charting my temps on FertilityFriend and my chart I believe went Triphasic today as it said it needed three temps to confirm the pattern. But I've also been sick the last two days and wondered if that may have caused my temps to go up. I'm due for a/f today Apr 14 and so far nothing yet. I don't want to get my hopes up if its just my being sick that caused the higher temps. But the only symptoms so far that I've had is being tired off and on but more in the afternoon and my hubby noticed that my bbs were getting bigger and they have been a little more tender as well, bloating and a little gas. I will probably test next week to see if I get a positive but so far things look good. I hope that this may help someone else and I found so far that charting temps with a BBT using FertilityFriend (this is only my second time charting) has really helped to determine ovulation and possible pregnancy. It may give a more clear view on what is happening if you are having difficulty ttc. I'm a 24 reg cycle normally and have not been on the pill.


Kerri - April 14

Would being sick affect the temps any and if so roughly by how much??


Kerri - April 14



bump - April 14



stacey - April 15

Hi Kerri.Being sick does affect temps, but not sure of how much. Did yout try to ask the people at FF? I also track there- my 2 nd cylce just finished and I love it. In their circles part, VIP- (if you are one) you can ask them tosetypesof questions and they'll look at your chart for you. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - April 15

Good work, Kerri! When you think about it, your temp from being sick depends on the bug you have. What's the chance that you simply have the runny nose (and cough?) that comes with the effect of progesterone on the mucus membranes? Good luck!



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