Bbt With A Digital Thermometer HELP

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emily - March 29

I have been charting for 2 months now, but my old mercury thermometer broke. So i bought a new digital one as they´re easier to read and quicker. Trouble is, my temps have suddenly gone mad!!!!! I got an ovulation rise and everything but suddenly over the last 4 days i´ve had mad temps varying over .3 degrees up and down. Im due for af in 3 days and normally it´s high until the day of. Is it the thermometer? are the digital ones to be trusted?? Or maybe something else?? PLEASE HELP! Sorry for the length!


Grandpa Viv - March 29

Are these the drug store special BBT thermometers which are more accurate? Are you taking your temp before rising in the morning? I wouldn't be worrying about jumps in temperature - just watching with interest. They do talk of an implantation dip, which you might have seen, and then there's the triphasic possibility. Good luck!


emily - March 29

Hey thanks. I know about all this and it seemed i´d had a dip. BUT, it went up then went down again. What´s THAT??? It´s not a special bbt one. My mercury one just seemed more consistant! (and blimey my bbs hurt at the mo, lol)


sharon - March 29

i have a digital ear themometer and it gives readings that vary a bit,my temp is between 35.9- 38celcius. i think they do that.


A - March 29

Emily, I have a digital BBt thermometer that is to the .01 degree and my temp is always all over. I have a differnce of .9 degrees when I am ovulating. I wouldn't worry about it. .3 is nothing. There can be a change of .4 or more when you are ovulating.


emily - March 29

Thanks guys. Im not ovulating, im waiting for af. Just seems erratic. My old thermometer put me up to 36.8 after ovulating and with this new one I havent gone over 36.4. This morning 36.1. I dunno!! :)


emily - March 29

Now I do... Just started af. Well, checking my cp found slimey brown mucus PLUS the af pains (tmi??) Which gave me a 9 day luteal phase. no wonder I cant get preg!!!


stacey - March 29

emily- I use a digital bbt as well, and my temps are either regular, or erratic...It's weird! However, it's the only therm. I've ever used! I totally know what you are going through with the 9 day luteal phase- last month (after a m/c) mine was only 6 days- am hoping that changes, but usually they stay the same length. Problem for me is that I didn't chart before I got pg. so don't know what cycle was like before that!



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