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*R* - February 28

Can you get pregnant without having a period? I went on the bc pill 8-9 yrs ago, to regulate my periods. I came of the pill before my last period (25-31 Jan), as my partner and I are ttc. I am on day 35 of my cycle and no sign of af. I am worried it won't show, as the only reason I was regular before was because of the bc pill. Of course I don't know at the minute if a 35 day cycle is normal for me, as all my cycles before have been 28 ish days, cos of the pill. If you can get pregnant without having a period, how do you know when you are ovulating? Thanks.


chriss - February 28

"R" it is very hard to predict how long your cycle will be right after going off the pill. It usually takes a few months for a cycle to back into synch. For me it was three months. just because you had irregular periods before, doesn't necessarily mean that they will be irregular now. Good luck!


*R* - March 1

Thanks chriss, i guess i could be worrying over nothing. The fact that there is absolutely no sign of af on day 36 of my cycle is depressing me though! I have also been experiencing cm for about a fortnight now. I thought this was ovulation at first, but now i'm not sure. It comes and goes, like for example today, there is an abundance of it. Does anyone know what this could mean. Thanks, sorry if tmi.


AmyF - March 1

I went on the pill for irregular periods when I was about 18 until I was 24. I went off them and I have had a regular period ever since. I think it takes a while before your body goes back to 'normal'. For me it took a few months.


J - March 1

*R* I was on bc for 15 years and stopped it in October. Its taken me about 3-4 months for my cycle to sort itself out. I was a 35 day cycle the first month, missed the second, 32 day for the third and then 32 again just gone February. Have you tried taking a test already just to make sure?


changa - March 1

You can get pregnant without having a period. Thats why the OB encourages you to try to get pregnant after your cycle goes back to normal. Due to that it's hard to tell when you ovulate right after stopping birth control.


*R* - March 1

Thanks for all your replies. J, yes I have taken a test, on 26 Feb (day 33) and it was negative. My partner and I ttc on days 10, 12, 13, 15 and 19 of my cycle, and I thought I was having some symptoms (cramps, headachaes, lots of cm, nausea, heartburn), so I took a test to see. Now I don't know what's happening, whether to test again (as we have ttc again since then), or just to ride it out, and see how long my cycle lasts!


*R* - March 2

Just thoughtni'd add this... Don't know if i'm trying too hard to find symptoms, but lately I seem to be peeing a lot more, so ditzy, aching all over, plus the symptoms I listed earlier, etc. Does anyone think I should test again, or am I just set_tng myself up for disappointment? We have been ttc the whole time, and cm is still here in large amounts, is it worth it?? Thanks.



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