Bc Screw Up Please Respond

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me - December 10

ok,i have been good about taking my bc,but sometimes am about an hour or so off in taking it, first off is that increasing my chance of getting preg. a great deal or not? But then I lost my pack and was unable to take pills for three days so just continued on with it after I found it.The last time I had s_x was just before I lost them, I had taken my pill a little late and then didnt take it for three days. The pill I took that night was one of the reminder pills or whatever they are called, the ones that you are soposed to take during your period, which had already stoped for me when this happned. Last night was my first pill back on it but before I took that I was getting a bit of grayish brown blood which has stoped now. Is there any real chance of me being pregnant? I am now trying something new to remember my pill but if theres any chance of me being prego I'd like to know. Its something my bf and I have recently been talking about and so wouldnt be a bad thing, Just wondering. PLease give me any informtion you could and thank you!


krob - December 10

Hi I am now off the pill but when I was on it I missed a couple of pills here and there I doubt you are pregnant because a lot of times if you miss a pill you ma experience some spotting a few days after but test for pg just to be sure


me - December 10

thank you also...just to add onto this question..if I only had s_x that day of taking the last pill(before I missed three) and the one before that was taken late, does that increase the cahnce for most people and how long can the little guys realy live inside?I have heard like 7 days so would that mean that they were still active three days later? are there things that change that?


X - December 10

What pill are you on? Most often, the period pills are just sugar pills anyway and have no active ingredients, but that depends on which pill you're on. If it is indeed a kind with sugar pills, then there's certainly no worry regarding taking pills late. I can't really answer regarding the missed pills, though, because I'm not so sure how detrimental a few missed are. One thing, though - if you miss a couple days of pills, you shouldn't just skip the ones you missed but double up on them for a couple days. What I mean is, if you miss two pills, then the first day you remember, you should take that day's pill plus one of the missed ones. The next day, you should take that day's pill plus the second missed one. As far as taking pills late goes, it's usually incredibly important if the time is off just by a few hours. If, however, you're on a progesterone only pill, the timing is very important, because the pills work in a different way from the regular ones.



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