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sarahd - June 21

Hi all, My hubby and I just decided to start trying this month, so I came off the bcp's. My last period on them began May 26th, but I took two days of the pill (June 1st and 2nd) before we had our 'talk' and I stopped them. I had bleeding starting June 6th for about 3 days, which I'm guessing was from the stop/start pill thing. I have two questions: do you think I should be counting from the day of my last official period for my next af, or the other bleeding? Also, can anyone offer any experiences about what their first month off bcps was like? Since Sunday I've been super nauseous most of the day, had cramping but no bleeding on Monday, and my br___ts just starting to hurt/be sensitive yesterday. I know it's unlikely I'm preg b/c I just came off the pill - is this a normal thing for the first month off? Thanks to all who respond!


wifey711 - June 21

I would deff think that you would start from the first day of your regular period .. Good luck !!


tritty - June 21

i asked that once before too and most responses said count from the first day of your last normal AF, however, i'm thinking now that my doctors might be considering the breakthrough bleeding that i had when i went off the pill as my last "af" i don't really know for sure. i go for another appt this friday and i'll figure it out (hopefully) good luck!


sarahd - June 21

Tritty, did you get these pregnancy-like symptoms the first month off the pill?


Lin - June 21

Personally, I wouldn't even bother trying to guess when you'll ovulate this month. Just try every other day, and you'll have your bases well covered. Start trying to approximate ovulation next month. During my first 4 months off the pill (I quit last October), I had every single pregnancy symptom in the book. Your body will probably be out of whack for awhile, and some women don't even have their first post-pill period (not counting the period pills one) for up to three months afterward. Good luck! I hope your body regulates itself quickly!


tritty - June 21

i never really had a month off the pill. i was on the pill and when i was supposed to get af i only had 2 days of light spotting. didn't think anything of it, i just a__sumed i got lucky that month so i started a new pack and then in the first week of the new pack i started feeling really strange: dizzy, hot flashes, constipation, sleepy, etc..... so i started thinking that i might be pg so i stopped the pill then. now i'm not sure if i got pregnant when i was still on the pill or if i got pregnant right after i stopped the pill because i "thought" i was pregnant..... that's what i'm waiting to find out.


JessicaC - June 21

I didn't really get any symptoms that I know of except I haven't had my period in two months. I've had a couple pregnancy-like symptoms, so I don't know if it is because of being off the pill (for almost 3 months now) or my period is coming, or I'm pregnant. We'll just have to wait and see. Oh, and I agree with Lin that you probably shouldn't bother calculating the ovulation this month. Just try to cover your bases, so to speak, and see what happens.



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