BD Ing Straight After AF

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Baby Dancer - June 12

Hi, My cycle is normally around 33-34 days. I don't temp chart but I was wondering if I was to BD every other day after AF ends, would this be ok? Sorry if it sounds like a dumb question....I'm a newbie to all this!


Wendy - June 12

Hi, Well, I don't see why not?! Besides, it sounds like fun!!! ;-)


Wendy - June 12

Hi, Well, I don't see why not?! Besides, it sounds like fun!!! ;-) P.S. Good luck to you, have fun and lots of baby dust!!!


Baby Dancer - June 12

Hi Wendy, Thanks for your input and ***babydust*** to you too!!


Wendy - June 12

Thanks!!! I hope we get lucky soon, and post BFP's cause I'm getting really anxious, I hate waiting.


Baby Dancer - June 12

Wendy I know the feeling. Every month I think 'Oohh maybe this is my month' but then AF comes and we are disappointed again. DH is having a s____na___lysis in the next few weeks (he has crohns disease and lost a t______e about 10 years ago) so he just wanted rea__surance. Can't say I'm looking forward to the results. I just have this feeling that it's not going to be good news...still we shall see! Take care xxxxx


Wendy - June 12

Baby Dancer, I'm sure everything will be alright, you'll see, you're meant to be a mommy. ;-) Well, I kept telling myself that I wasn't going to get excited, but I have my m-i-l telling me I think ur preg, which is funky, cause we never told her we were trying, and then my bff (bestfriend) (i think thats the thingy for it?) anyway, she's 6 months preg, and always telling me I think you are, but I just think she's trying to make me happy by saying something that very well may not be. She knows we're trying, so ... urgh! Have you ever read, TCOYF ??? My friend back in Wa, tried it since she had lost an ovary due to an ectopic, and became preg after 2 months. I'm getting tempted to read the book again, well, read it this time, not skim through it. lol Talk with you soon, take care and keep my posted... and lots of baby dust to you!!!


K - June 12

Hi Baby Dancer! I have a 34 day cycle too. I just ended AF a week ago & we have decided to just BD every day/everyother day & just see what happens! I dont temp chart either but I AM thinking about buying an ovulation kit thing if they even work.. BABYDUST!


To Baby Dancer - June 12

Hi I think that is a great idea, that was the advice that my dr. gave me she said don't chart, don't stress have fun and bd every other day, she even said most women don't O on the same day of their cycle each month anyway...she said "you get pg in your head first" I guess that means relax have fun and enjoy your dh and the experience as a whole....Good Luck to you BABY DUST!!


Julz - June 12

BDing every-other-day is what my Dr. told me to do for better chances of conception, and I am now 7 wks preg.!!! Good luck to you.


Baby Dancer - June 12

Hi Girls, Thanks for all your makes me feel much happier! Congrats to Julz.....hope you have a very healthy 9 months! K, plenty of babydust to you...let's see if our little theory works out for us! Wendy, I will keep you posted on any progress, Bye bye girls! xxxxxx


Kimberly-K - June 12

Sounds like the best idea to me. I haven't been charting or temping or anything either... it seems weird to me to just pin-point a couple stressful days... why not enjoy the entire month and up your chances! I guess the only reason to know when you're ovulating would be incase you go away for a weekend or something and that happens to be it... but if you're able to B'D every other day then I'm sure your chances are great! Good luck and have fun ;)


Baby Dancer - June 13

Ok, so I just have to wait until next week to put this theory to the test! Probably start to wear poor DH out soon! (still they love it really don't they?!) I will keep you posted on what happens xxxx


Wendy - June 13

Wishing you the best of luck and hoping everything turns out perfect for you!!! keep me posted and tons of baby dust!


shirly - June 13

hi gals .. i wish to know is there a timeframe as to bd every other day? i mean after af till ??? i normally observe tat i m pretty off mood when it's mid cycle onwards. can tat b a sign tat i hv past ovulation then? :)) appreciate any replies and good luck to all ttc .. i m in my 9th mth tis cycle.


motherof20 - June 13

Hi Baby Dancer, to answer your question; yes it's a great idea to bd every other day from when your period ends - my husband and I had been ttc for 8 months and we weren't getting it right - I got some advice to bd every other day for a month - we did and we got pregnant. It works. Unfortunately, I lost my baby and we are back to square one again - but I at least know that I can get pregnant. FYI; my brother and his wife were doing the same thing - bding every other night after af ended and they're on baby #2. Good luck to you and baby dust.


Baby Dancer - June 14

Hi Motherof20, So sorry to hear of your loss....I really wish you all the babydust in the world. Keep me posted as to how you get on. Take care xxxxxx



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