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HeavenisMine - March 8

I want to know I am not alone. My dreams at night have been very vivid and chaotic. I don't know if that is linked to pregnancy or not. I would like it if some of you shared your dreams either while you were pregnant, while you are pregnant, or dreams you've had recently when you think you may be. I don't think I am, but I would like to know I am not alone in this chaotic mess of strange dreams! I have been waking every hour or so, and it is irritating!


HeavenisMine - March 8

When I was PG with my last one I remember having dreams about rain, and water, and I also had one about a large tree, full of life, and the tree told me I was pregnant. I know, weird! I lost that one at twelve weeks though.


gboston - March 8

i am having the same thing... very vivid dreams and one about 1 week ago that was my first ever dream of a baby... my mother in law had these dreams when she was pregnant and my sister in law also had a dream of a baby and she was pregnant. now she is expecting in june! we have been ttc for 7 months now and this was the first time i have had a dream/s like this. i am due for af tomorrow so we shall see. hope that helps even though i dont know what tomorrow will bring for me! good luck!


BrendaW - March 8

The last time i was pg. I dreamt a very small baby in my hand and i was standing in water and they baby kinda slithered out of my hand and fell into the water and was swimming and then i lost it. There were alligators everywhere and then i got out of the water. I lost that baby but i had that dream before i found out I was pg.


LIN - March 8

I've had *loads* of very vivid dreams over the last year and a half - some of them even baby or pregnancy related - and none of them has indicated pregnancy. Of course, they all seem to immediately precede my period, too.


HeavenisMine - March 8

Brenda W: Before I miscarried I must have had a million dreams I was holding a tiny baby in my hand, each time I burried it or something, one once I put it in a jar. A few weeks later I lost mine.


HeavenisMine - March 8

Gboston: I am praying for your mirical. I told myself yesterday there are going to be some miricals coming to these women soon!


HeavenisMine - March 9

I keep having dreams about running water, over and over, could that mean anything? even if it isn't a pregnancy thing? I miss my little boy so much....


HeavenisMine - March 10

Well I had another dream last night, but it didn't have water in it. This time I dreamt I was advertising for Clearblue. That was just weeeirdd.


LIN - March 10

Speaking of Clear Blue advertising, there's a great Clear Blue digital ad on the Learning Channel where the announcer says very dramatically "the most sophisticated piece of will ever pee on." Brilliant, I tell you...I giggle every time I see it. :-D


Megs - March 10

That is cute Lin! I have not seen that ad yet... Gotta watch out for it! :-) Yep, it is brilliant!! There's no doubting that.


HeavenisMine - March 10

That's at least cuter than the 'urine be gone' commercial... Get rid of those annoying potty stains, who says that??? I have not seen that clearblue commercial yet, maybe you'll see mine! Fast and easy results, they go where you go and when you go....actually I think that's 'depends' diapers.


HeavenisMine - March 12

I can't believe I had a dream a woman was pregnant with my fiance.....please someone tell me what is up with that? I am still laughing. In the dream I thought it was cute!


Megs - March 12

Interesting... Did your DF donate sperm?? LOL I keep having a dream in different ways about being handed an infant or someone telling me it's time to feed my baby. Always a very young infant, like a couple days old. Did I have the infant? Am I babysitting? Did I adopt?? I don' tknow... Very blurry as well. I've ALWAYS been a big dreamer who remembers a lot of my dreams so this isn't anything new to me. :-) Even as a young child I would wake up and the first thing I would do is tell my family about my crazy dreams. haha. Good stuff there. :-) Hopefully all this pregnancy talk will keep you positive and end up with your BFP's!!!


HeavenisMine - March 12

My sister is that way too! and so is my fiance. I have dreams I being handed babies often too. Maybe it's just all this thinking about pregnancy eh? Thanks so much!<3



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