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Becky - June 29

Hi Ladies! The other thread was really long. I hope all of you find this one ok. I'm going to test again tomorrow (yes I have the pee on a stick bug). I have 5 $1 store tests, so I am not worried about testing too early. Hope you all are doing good.


Paula - June 29

Hello Becky, I am here. Baby Dust to you. Good luck with your testing.


Linda - June 30

I'm still waiting for af to show her face, should be any day now! Becky, hang in there!!


Becky - June 30

Hi ladies... Well, neg again this morning. But my spirits are still high, and so are my temps. 98 again this morning. :)


Paula - June 30

Hi Becky and Linda. I am so sorry about the BFN Becky, but it is still early. Your temps are up and that is a positive sign. Linda, I know you are still waiting for af, but did you test again? Well for me, I still have yet to o. I usually o on day 17-19 so tomorrow or this weekend. I have been bding every day since the 28th so I am just so psych about everything. I will be in that 2ww next week but I am so excited about it. Baby Dust to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


harmony s. - June 30

***spreading baby dust to all of you***** if you want to read about my situation, find the post ent_tled to all you intelligent ladies!!! Good luck to you all!!!


Becky - July 1

Hi girls! How is everyone this morning? I'm doing good. Temps went up another .2 (98.2). Will test agian over the weekend.


Paula - July 3

I thought I would check in. Well, I o on yesterday late morning. We bd at 3:00am so I think I timed it pretty good. We bd and I think that this is it. I am just waiting now. My temps went up to 98.2, which is up almost a .5 to .7 more than my baseline. I am so excited, I feel like we nailed it this time. My cramping has since subsided and the tenderness on the left is no more so that is how I know for sure it is over. I am just going to workout and keep my mind off of the two week wait, also to keep my insanity. I plan to test on 7/13. ~~~Sending baby dust to everyone~~~ Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paula - July 4

I am a little excited this morning. My temps are even higher at 98.5. This is the highest that they have every been since I started temping. I am now 2dpo and I plan to test Sunday this weekend. I am just so excited I can't hardly contain myself. So here's to waiting. Baby Dust to you!!!!


Celia - July 5

Good Morning! Wow seem's like everyone is waiting to test already and i'm still waiting for O. Grrr oh well, maybe things will pick up here soon. Becky how many dpo are you? Did you test again over the weekend? Hope you got a bfp! Yea Paula! sounds like everything is going well your way. Linda, how are you? AF show yet? Refresh my memory...who tried clomid this time? Hang in there, maybe time will fly by this month!


Linda - July 5

Hello all, Hope you had a great wkend! I'm still waiting for af, Celia - I'm trying Clomid this month, as soon as af shows her ugly face! I tested on Saturday which would have been 14 dpo and it was bfn. My b___bs are getting more sore by the day and I feel like I'm gonna get af anytime now. I just wish it would start so I can take the Clomid and get on with it!! Hang in there Becky! Did you test yesterday??? Paula big thumbs up tp you and Baby Dust all around! Celia, when should you o?


Paula - July 5

Hello everyone. Well, my temps are still higher than they have ever been since I started temping. My cervix is soft and high. Celia, I took Clomid this month. I actually o on the last possible day they said you should which was day 9. I am now on cd21 and I am 3dpo. I just can't wait. I plan to test this weekend.


Linda - July 5

Paula, I have goosebumps from you!!!


Becky - July 5

Hi ladies... busy weekend for me. Tested Saturday...bfn. Monday morning I got a call at 3:00am... my best friend's water broke. So I ended up at the hospital all day yesterday (baby born just before 4:30). Temps were still high when I tested at 3:00am yesterday... I took a test that morning too, but didn't get to wait out the entire 10 minutes because I was in a rush. I didn't bring the test with me because it was *her* day. When I got home, I looked at it just for kicks, and there was a second line! Not too dark, but definitely there, and definitely PINK. Was a dollar tree test. AF is due today, took my temps this morning, still at 97.9, but was taken early at 4:30, I usually temp at 5:30 or 6. So, it might have been higher if I'd been able to sleep later(was at 98.4 at 6). That does, however, mean that af is not coming today. :) Hopefully won't for a long long time. I have to go buy another test though.


Linda - July 5

Ohhhh Becky!! I'm so excited! Hey guys... I tested on Saturday (14 dpo) and was bfn, but still no af. Do you think there is still a chance or should I not even go there and just keep waiting for af? I had a really bad metallic taste in my mouth the other day (very strange) and I wasn't even sure it could be a symptom but I just read it could be. My bbs ache but that could be pms and I've had horrible heartburn unless I eat something for the past week. I just told another girl not to over a___lyze her symptoms but now I'm doing it myself and I need someone to bring me back down to planet earth!


Paula - July 5

Girl I know it is just so exciting. Every little twinge, sensation makes you want to just embrace the possibility. I think that you shouldn't give up until af is here. Becky, it sounds like a BFP for you is right around the corner. I hope that this is it. Baby Dust to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Becky - July 6

Hey ladies... temps at 97.8. Lower than the past week, but still high for me. AF was due yesterday and didn't show. Nothing as of yet today either. Tested last night. BFN. Will give it a few more days, if temps are still high and no AF, will test again.



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