Been Ttc 3 Mo First Time Had Any Symptoms

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raemarie - April 17

Hi all. I have been reading some of the posts and thought maybe I would share my problem. I admit I have been very lucky I already have 3 children and they were all suprises. my husband and I were trying without really trying for about 6 months with no results. we have been activly trying for 3 months and this month I am at cd 25 and 6dpo accordig to my opk but I missed 2 days of testing cuz I ran out and didn't make it to the store. this is the first time since ttc that I have had symptoms. I am so sick to my stomach, and I have had the worst gas even in my sleep last night I know it's not anything I've eaten cause I can hardly eat. I have also had mild to moderate af like cramps, for 3 days. my cycle on fertility friend says I should have O'd on the 7th but my opk said the 11 I have a normal cycle of 29 to 30 days so I am not due for af til the 23. I know I can't test yet but I'm so tired of waiting. any advice would be helpful and appreciated


BeckyBunny - April 17

Probably too early for major symptoms. I didn't have ANY symptoms until around 12DPO, even then only super sensitive nipples, a few days later some cramps, gas, and was super emotional. Most of my symptoms like fatigue, food aversions, and nausea didn't start until around 21DPO or later. That being said, all people and all pregnancies are different, but 6DPO is early for any major symptom like morning sickness. The egg doesn't implant until 6-12DPO (have seen only a couple people with possible implantation at 5dpo), and HCG isn't produced until the egg implants. So, no (or very little) hcg symptoms. It takes a few days after implantation for enough HCG to be produced to make a pregnancy test positive, so even if the egg implanted at 5DPO, you would have VERY insignificant amounts of HCG and probably would not test positive until 9DPO. sustained progesterone can cause the AF like symptoms - cramping, mood swings, back ache, anything else you usually get before AF - but not morning sickness. That's the HCG...most people real morning sickness kicks in at about 6 weeks. You've probably just got some kind of bug. TTC sucks because you a___lyze every little thing. We all do. (or in my case, did.) It's obsessive, and always disappointing to get BFN month after we nit pick every little thing to try and have some hope. Just try to hang in there, and test if you miss AF. Testing earlier is really just a waste of money and energy...if you get a BFN at 10dpo and AF comes 2 days later, it's just double the disappointment, you know? So good luck...try not to think about it too much...that's what always did it for me. Any time I gave up...I got PG right away. LOL!!


raemarie - April 18

The only reason I was wondering was because I think I may have hit the end fo my lh surge cause I usually get a positive a couple days in a row. which would put in at 10dpo. but I'm sure that I'm probly just stressing myself out. I have never wanted to get pg before and now I feel my clock ticking and am ready.


BeckyBunny - April 18

yeah, I hear you. I've got PCOS and my first 3 pregnancies were unsuccessful(this one is still in progress), so TTC was really stressful. Even though I'm young, PCOS untreated can just cause lots more problems, and I want to have the good health and energy to be active with my kids. Don't worry too much, "normal" people take on average 6 months to conceive, and since you've got a good track record (so to speak) even though it might take a while I really don't think you'll have any problems. Good luck, hopefully soon your kids will get another sibling.



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