Been Waiting A Year To Do This

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jeanette - May 17

BBBBBBFFFFFFFPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! xD....YA, the old hag is preggers after a whole year & 1 month of waiting! Praise the Lord!! = D (( Those of you that know me & my history...please pray that this one sticks!! )) If ya want the details....go to the LAMBS thread....I've posted everything there...dont have time to do it again!! LOL! God bless you all that have been waiting a long time too......I hope my story brings you hope and encouragement.....! Hang in there!


ashleyd - May 17

congrats...I wish you the best <3


AshleyB - May 17

Oh, that's great news Jeanette, Congratulation!!!!!!


staci - May 17

OMG JEANETTE! CONGRATULATIONS! that is wonderful news, god bless you and your baby! you give me hope!


Lin - May 17!!! A big, long overdue congratulations to you!!!


Amber #2 - May 17

OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I'm totally freaking out for you Jeanette!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!


Sissy - May 18

Congrats sweetie, you have been waiting so long for this and I am so happy for you!


BrendaW - May 18



lauren h - May 18

Yiipppiiee!!!!!!!!!! congrats! jeanette!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!


harlie8304 - May 18

WTG mmy2b!!!!!! The best to you and yours!!! It warms my heart so much!!!


dancegirl - May 18

jeanetter, congrats !!!!!!!!!!!! i remember chatting with you before on a thread a few months back and remember thinking you were a riot and always such a positive outlook for all the ladies here. anyway, i have pcos and got my bfp about 6 weeks ago. am 10 weeks on sat. i wish all the best and much luck in the coming months. i think karma is going to be on your side an dyou will have a happy and healthy 9 months ahead for all the wonderful support you gave everyone here :-) i've been posting on the clomid club and really hoping for some bfps there. wish them baby dust ??? congrats again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tritty - May 18

CONGRATS! I haven't posted much but i've been reading these threads for a few weeks. God is good ALL THE TIME! Our timing and his may be different but he is faithful and always provides. you and your baby will be in my prayers. Good luck!


Emma2 - May 18

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes I am yelling! I am soooooo happy for you Jeanette!!!


VenusdiMilo - May 18

Big Congratulations to you Jeanette!! I am wishing you a healthy, happy pregnancy. Good luck girl!!


Jenny - May 18

Jeanette this is great!!! Praying that this one will stick. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jeanette - May 18

Thanks gals! ROTFL!! Howz that for a broken condom, eh?? Latex can't compete against God's will!! Nor time, fibroids, surgery or bleeding......all which I have had in the past month. AMEN to that!!!!


LadyD - May 18




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