Being Plus Sized And Pregnant

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ceecee_fields - October 5

Hi ladies! I was wondering if anyone has heard of it taking a long time for the pregnancy hormone to show in plus-size women? I am 3 days late, but I am still getting very faint positive lines that disappear. Maybe evap lines. I still have all the symptoms I had before, and no signs of AF.


ceecee_fields - October 5

I really need advice on this....


Bren1367 - October 5

Hey ceecee! Still waiting huh? Bummer! What kind of tests are you using? I haven't ever had any experience with evaps. I'm sorry I can't be more help but I am rootin for ya. I think that you are probably pg. Don't give up hope. Maybe try a different kind of test like the ones that say 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'. That might help. Here is some info on evaps................... A real positive is identified by its color (pink or blue, whatever the color of the test's dye is) and its appearance within 10 minutes of urinating on the stick. A line that appears after 10 minutes, regardless of color, must be considered an evap line and is caused by the test's chemicals changing. HPT's are rapid a__say diagnostics, which means any results appearing after the "rapid" time limit of 10 minutes are invalid........Good Luck and Baby Dust!!!


GimmeaBub - October 5

Hey Ceecee, i kept getting thoes faints i even got a positive and negative at the same time, on 2 different tests. I have a bit of meat on me and i still got a positive 4 days later pet. But like Bren said i reckon your pregnant too. Your signs sound promising babe. Try using First response and clear blue, they gave me my positive. Probably cause they are the most sensetive ones. I got my BFP in 1 minute. Best of luck Girl


ceecee_fields - October 5

Thanks so much Bren. That was helpful. Thanks for the support. I will try a different test because I was using First Response. 3 days late, maybe it's not late enough?


ma1008 - October 5

cecee, i tested after being 2 days late and got a positive, first i used the dollar store test and then i used equate. the dollar store one looked darker so i think it may be more sensitive.


ceecee_fields - October 5

Thanks ya'll! I really appreciate the insite. It's nice to know that there are people who care about what you care about and can provide a support system. I'll keep trying. And congratulations again for the BFP!


krissy2006 - October 6

I could stand to lose about 100+ lbs and I got my BFP 10dpo... 3 days before my period was due. I was told by my obgyn obesity has no effect on the content of hcg in your urine. GL to you!



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