Being Pregnant And Not Knowing It

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Shelly - June 24

Yes it is possible to have a period when you are pregnant. Even one that's not very light.My friend that had her period every month for the first 4 months of her pregnancy had what she called normal periods. She didn't have any clues except nausea. She thought she had a recorrung flu. It is more common than people think to have a period, or some kind of bleeding while pregnant. If there is any chance that you are pregnant, take a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant see a doctor to start prenatal care.


suzanne - June 24

when you get an abortion they tell you,you cant have s_x for two weeks and if you do s it easier to get pregnant?


Shelly - June 25

Suzanne--- Give your body time to heal first.


claire - June 27

If i came on my period, but got really bad stomach pains and had un protected s_x, could i be pregnant?


Savia - June 27

I have a question...if someone gets pergnant during their ouvlation time will they have a period that month???


Ladi - June 28

how long does it take for the sperm to hit the eggs


jenny - June 29

the last time i got my period was may,4,2003 and it is know june,29 i have took 3 test and they came out positive but i went to the doctors and theres was negative so i don't know what going on what do i do ?


laura - June 30

yes it is possible . my cousin had her periods all the way through her pregnancy . she didnt know she was pregnant until she went into labour , she only put on 6lbs in weight


whitney - July 2

ok me and my boyfried have been having unprotected s_x for about 3 months and he gets off in me im tryin to get pregnant and im having my period still can i still be preg?


angel - July 5

i got a question, can you get pregnant in the b___t??


Karen - July 5

I had my periods up until I was 20 weeks pregnant, went to the docter's two weeks later when I had finally missed and found out that I was in the second trimester! My bleeding was abnormally heavy with cramping. I never thought I could be pregnant because I kept getting it. I was lucky to have a healthy baby girl!


SaRaH - July 6

I keep seeing this "can u get pregnant from a___l intercourse" that is VERY unsafe and can cause alot more problems than just getting pregnant ~ although it is NOT possible to get pregnant from a___l s_x!!!


morgan - July 6

I think im one of those rare people i was 8 days late for period I took a test it said positive but i started bleeding the other day.I took another test yesterday an it still came up positive.I dont know what is really going on.


leah - July 8



Marlise - July 8

If you dont relax while being pregnant do you tend to get cramps, and feel nausaus?


nicole - July 8

i think i could be pregnant because its been 8 days since i was supposed to have my period and my periond comes when i think it should. also i have been real tired latley. i have been feeling real hot, urinating ofen and i also have discharge.



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