Being Pregnant And Not Knowing It

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Megann - September 27

I believe you can.


jenny boo - September 27

okay i had unprotcted s_x and then the guy pulled it out and i seen sperm coming out and i seen some on my panites but he said he didn't c_m......but any ways it has been a week and i should start ma period any day showing all the regular signs of being on my period like when im on my period my b___st are soar, ma a___l part hurts and my skin breaks out and my inside of ma v____a swells up.....but im not on it yet.......does that mean im pregnant? and if i start my period and it is normal could i still be pregnant? Also i just started takeing prozac could that slow my period down? pleaswe help me please........i do not want to be pregnant that would mess up my whole life


sar - September 28

hi i just wanted to know if your pregnant do you tend to get alot of headaches


kayla - September 28

i dont have a answer i have a question, i think that I might be pregnant but I cant tell my parents. How should I tell them that they might become grandparents? I am only 17 years old and not an expected child to have my own child. I am on the pill and we use condoms but the condom broke and now I am with out my period. What should I do>


Tasha - September 29

ok well i really need a answer. viv? can u answer my previous question please? im tempted 2 go n ask a doc but i think he mite think im crazy or summat. my trousers felt really tight 2day n im not puttin weight on ne where else, please help viv


chrissy - September 29

i have a question me and my hubsand slept with each other on 9-6-04 and used a condom but i asked him the next day if he took it off and he said no well i knew i did not take it off anyway the condom was in me for a week but i had gotten my period on mon 9-13-04 and the condom came out on 9-15-04 but the thing is i only had my period for not even a day. So can i be pregrant? i have also been feeling sick.


Kellie Starling - September 29

no i don't think so cuz it has never happened to me so and i have ahd 4 kids


Courtney - September 29

I started bleeding after having s_x.Not alot but alittle.I'm not saying I think I'm pregnant, I would just like to know whats going on.My boyfriend and I are very scared.


? - September 30

can you get pregnant by liyin on ur partner with your underwear on but then he gets an erection


ray - September 30

bless your little hearts for courtney you bled because his p___s is proberly to big for your v____a as i am 23 with 3 kids and my husband still makes me bleed most of the time


ray - September 30

and this is for the girl ? you can't get pregnant if you had you knickers on as sperm can't get though clothes so don't panic you are fine love ray xx


ray - September 30

chrissy if the condom was in you for that long then the sperm could of easily got out so i would wait untill your next period date if you haven't come on then take a test to see what that says all the best love ray xx


UnKnown - September 30

What are some early systoms of being pregnant?


tia - October 13

yes you can have your monthly period but if your period is light


elena - November 12

my boyfriend and i were fooling around about 2 days before my period was supposed to come. he put his areas in me and moved it around a bit and then pulled it out. he wasnt wearing a condom is there a chance that i could be pregnant? please tell me soon or im going to freak out lol. thx



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