Bella Cody Jo Uk And R Come Make Our New Thread

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r - August 21

hey gals making a new thread for us to natter on ok talk soon nothing to report really had an emotional breakdown last night and cried for ages because my mate fell out with me.


cody - August 21

hey guys, hope you made up with your mate, i really went off on one at my fella this morning he looked terrified, hormones again lol


jo from uk - August 21

hi r, I've only just logged on today - ( my last day off for a while, so made the most of it.! ) Well I'm still hanging in - got lots more creamy discharge and cervix is so high i can barely reach it lol Got 2 hours sleep last nite cos DH snoring and I got dreadful nausea (weird how it only comes on at bedtime!) 2 more days til AF should arrive, and I don't feel like it's coming.. but who knows. I 'm working long shifts on delivery suite for next 2 weeks - so won't get time for much sleep never mind buying a HPT :o( I'm gonna wait couple more days then test, though want to test now, but scared to !! Anyway - how are you today ?????? have you made up with ur mate yet ? keep in touch X


cody - August 21

hey jo my af should be here between tomorrow and thurs don't know how long my cycle is atm if it is a cycle, im going to test on friday again i have not tested for a few weeks now, good luck with your test


jo from uk - August 21

hey cody...... sounds like we're on the same cycle, then you can be my test buddy ;o))) Though not sure I can wait til Friday LOL So what's ur symptoms so far? I've just got heartburn as i'm typing and it's awful. I've got every symptom going so far, apart from sore bbs, but with previous pregnancies i didn't get sore bbs til about 6wks pregnant. Though i keep prodding them, and making em sore... eeeeek X


cody - August 21

hey jo, my story so far lol, my af was due 19th july i started cramping on the 18th but af didnt show up until the 22nd july, and then it was still really light and just pink and brown not normal at all, took a test then and it was bfn, had cramping for the following two to three weeks, sore gums, b___bs feel heavier and have mont tub bumps, mt af is never late and i always just have cramps on the first day not for weeks after, also it usually follows a pattern which it didnt, started checking cm and cp shortly after and it was low to start with but has stayed really high now all month with lotion cm, sometimes i feel really really well and then ill nearly fall over with dizzyness, really bad vision and feeling sick on a night, had constipation to start with, things seem to have levelled out a bit now im getting some pains in my abdomen and its all bloated, but its not affecting me as much as it was, oh i also had heartburn which i had never had in my life before, the first doctor i saw kinda thought i was mad when i was testing neg urine but the second one was a bit better ruling a lot of worries about cists or pid etc out because they would make the af heavier not lighter, so got to get through this week and see what if any af turns up going to test again on friday and also go to the docs on friday to demand a blood test, they said they would take it more seriously after a second strange af, my instict is that im preg and until i know for sure im just trying to look after myself, og the doc also said im likely either pregnant or have a hormonal imbalance so im not as worried as i was now. glittery baby dust to you guys xxx


bump - August 22



cody - August 22

rang doc back again today, cant even be bothered seeing me now just got to drop another urine sample off, af not shown up today either


jo from uk - August 23

Hi...... Cody you must be in limbo not knowing anything, poor love... hang in there!!! I've got my fingers crossed for you. My AF is due today - still no sign :o) Though got slight pelvic pain, discharge has slowed right down? cervix still high and soft. No nausea anymore, and I keep snapping at DH, so sounds like PMT and sure my AF is just round the corner?? bah Baby dust XXXXXXXXX


cody - August 23

hey guys, still no af today, got loads of symptoms flooding back this week acid/gas/nausea/cramps etc my b___bs are starting to totally kill they have never done this before and they have big blue veins on them now, going to test again on friday which will be about three weeks since i tested last time, good luck jo nd you nee dto hang in there too, good luck at the docs tommorrow r


cody - August 23

right well i have found somewhere i can get a private ultrasound done, cant afford it just yet but will be getting it in the next two weeks if i havn't had a bfp by then. atleast i can finally see an end in sight yay!


jo from uk - August 23

Well I gave in and just tested with a First Response HPT and guess what BFNNNNN !!! :o((((( I just want AF to come now, so i can get on with TTC Hang in everyone else... x


r - August 24

jo how late r u? im very late now 1 month.went to docs today and did a urine they sending it off again to the lab, i feel more and more symptoms everyday. i feel tugging in my uterus today and a pain in my hips, dizziness and headaches, a little nauseous.


cody - August 24

hey guys, still no af today, im usually 31 days but last month i had strange bleeding at 34 days so i dont know if im on 34 day cycle now, or if my cycle is adding three days each month so im not counting myself officially late until monday 37 days lol, and last friday i had pains in my side which could be ov i guess but i dont know, if they were then monday would also be 1Odpo so if i test neg on fri then i still have a test to do on monday, and if they were ov pains then af might not be due until next friday, i keep moving my goals lol - not having a clue what is actually going on anymore - yup im ranting on, good luck next month jo but if you have not started af then test again!


jo from uk - August 28

Hi all.... this is the first chance i've had to come on here for a while - I've been working 12 hour nights :o( Well my AF arrived on Thursday morning. So here we go again - part 17 !!! Cody - have you tested yet ?????? R - I saw your other posts, sorry love. Fingers crossed for both of us next month xxx


r - August 28

yeh im ovulating now but gettin spotting with it is that normal its pinkish brown but i didnt have a normal af it was pinkish brown 12 days ago so im on cd 13 now. with a dull ache


helen - August 28

Sorry to hear af arrived was so convinced you were pregnant. I'm o at the moment and i've read that you can have spotting something to do with the egg being pushed out of the overies . Well fingers crossed for the nxt 2 weeks and loads of Baby dust to you all xxxxx



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