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Caterina - September 13

I just wanted to know if anyone had pinching and pulling pain under the belly button and ended up being pregnant. I am 8 days late and mine hurts more specially after eating. All HPT BFN.


Grandpa Viv - September 13

Interesting. The "tugging feeling" and "under belly b___ton" post is not uncommon. First time I have seen it related to after eating. Just being 8 days late is a good start, especially if you had s_x 3 weekends ago. You could be pregnant with relatively few early signs. About now is when you could expect to get a positive hpt, but it could take a week or two more. Take hpt at weekly intervals and check folic acid intake. Good luck!


Jeana - September 13

I had the same thing happen last night. I was laying down to go to sleep, and right under my beely b___ton, I could feel "tugging" and "pulling" from inside. I am 4 weeks pregnant and just got my bfp over the weekend.


Caterina - September 14

Thank you Grandpa Viv ann Jeana for replying. Jeana what other symptoms do you have? I feel like I have the flu: I'm extremely exhausted, I don't have the strenght to do anything, bad non-stop headaches, swollen (.) (.), my neck is stiff. I feel slight burning in lower abdomen. I don't know if those could be pregnancy symptoms but I don't know. I can't wait for my doctor's appointement next week to find out what's wrong with me and get on with my life.


Caterina - September 14

Or anyone else who wants to talk about it or who had already experienced this kind of belly b___ton pain is welcome to join. It was so bad that I went to the er yesterday and just because by the time I got there I didn't have any pain they didn't make any efforts into finding what could have caused those pains.


bump - September 14



Jeana - September 14

I have every symptom known to man. I am in my 5th week now and for some reason, I've started showing. This is my 3rd child and I didn't show this early with the other two. I have my first prenatal in October.


Caterina - September 15

Hi Jeanna. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I can't wait to have a baby myself...I wonder how excited I will be to even have a 3rd. Wow, you are already showing at 5 week. I still don't know if I'm pregnant or not. I can't wait to find out what is going with me. Jeanna, do you want to talk about your symptoms?


Dawn - September 20

I have pain in my belly b___ton but I feel it mostly if I push directly in my belly b___ton. I discovered it in the shower about one week after ovulation. I'm not one day late and planning to test. I can't find info that explains this. My husband is a firefighter and is trained to recognize appendicitis, he says if that were the case it should be to the right of the belly b___ton. I can push all around my belly b___ton with no pain, but if I push right in it, it's like no other pain I have ever felt. I've always been sensitive but this is odd.


marie - September 26

This morning I woke up and blew my nose and it felt like it pinched my belly b___ton. This keeps happening when I cough or sneeze and when i touch my belly b___ton it hurts too. I could be pregnant but my period isnt due for a week so I can't test yet. This is a strange first symptom isn't it. Could it be something else? It is localized to only my belly b___ton, and i do have a rather odd innie/outie.


daisymae - September 28

I have had that belly b___ton pain for 2 days now! Sharp intermittent pains. Hurts to lean forward. Is that a preg. symptom?


confused - September 28

i had that yesterday... but not today.


newmomma32 - November 16

hey! I just posted if anyone has a pinching sensation, and mine is below my belly b___ton! I am about this is common??


Andrea - November 17

Yes I am also 32 and 8 weeks along, and I've been having tugging at my belly b___ton for about a week and a half now. I feel like it's the baby moving around. It's a funny feeling.


JACKIEOD - November 19

I'm ttc-ing. It's just a week after I 'O-ed' and I also have such a strange sensation in my belly b___ton. My b___bs are sooo sensitive. It hurts even when I walk down stairs. And it strange because I'm only a b-cup. I hope that this is our months girls!!!


RICKY - December 9

IM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM. i also have not had my period and my last period was very light.


anchondo_ricky - December 10

and the pain travels down to my uterous



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