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Megs - January 29

I've been reading and am going to use OPK's next cycle... What is the best ones?? To Dip or to POAS??? I know the $ tree has them but for 30, that's $30... I can get 30 dipping onces for $12 off Ebay just don't know if they are any good... Come on ladies, I've been frustrated enough with my chart I don't need to be with my OPK's too!!! Or should I just splurge and get the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor??? I SO want to join the BFP list!!! :-) Thanks in advance!


frozenfeet - January 29

I used the ones off of ebay. My advice is to test twice a day with them though. I tested at like 11 am and then again at like 5pm. They worked fine for me. I think Hapi used CB Fert. Mon. though.


Megs - January 29

Thanks Sarah! The ones you used, did you dip them??


frozenfeet - January 29

yeah, dip in a cup. I think that you have to let your pee settle for 5 minutes in the cup before you dip. If it is light, you are approaching o, it will get as dark as the control line when you are at your surge (Oing anywhere from then to 36 hrs) and then they will get light again. Good Luck


preggoplease - January 29

I used the ANSWER opk's. I loved them. And I just POAS. =] Good luck! Hey I am waiting for you over at the first trimester get at it! =]


Megs - January 29

Thanks! I wish I could just pop on over there... LOL Three times this weekend, by three different people, it's been brought up about twin boys... I keep asking everyone what in the world it means and they have all said that I'm pregnant with twin boys! Yeah, whatever!! LOL It's just cracking me up. I already talked to DH about the OPKs and he's all for it. He's being such a sweetie, asking me when we'll know for sure if this ccyle is a bust or not... I'm like yeah honey, it already is a bust! Just waiting for AF to arrive...... Thanks for your thoughts though!! Hopefully sooner rather then later. :-)


anniebananie - January 29

Hey Megs- I have used the Target brand ones for the past few months and they worked great. They just get to be expensive every month.(about $15 for six tests) I ordered some along with my preseed this month, I am hoping they work just as good, they were so much cheaper! I will let you know, as they are still coming up negative, I am due to O in the next few days. Hopefully they will detect it.


LIN - January 29

I always just get the cheapies on Ebay. Go for those. Watch out for an Ebay seller that goes by the name "babycreations." Their opks and pregnancy tests are the only ones I've ever seen that are *not* individually wrapped. I recently bought a bunch of opks and pregnancy tests from them. The pregnancy tests worked fine (at least, I think they did - they were all negative!), but the opks were defective. Every single one of them came out positive no matter what time in my cycle it was. I ended up having to get $ Tree tests to see what was really going on, and the seller never replied to my email about the defective tests. All other internet cheapies I've bought have been great. That was my only negative experience.


jeanette - January 30

I used the 'Wondefo' brand off Ebay...different sellers have them and they are inexpensive...I think I got 100 for $20.00....they are individually packaged in a blue & white wrapper. They always worked great for me.


Megs - January 30

Lin, thank you so much for warning me against Babycreations... I was looking at those and actually almost purchased them last night I was SO frustrated! I did read their reviews and one person said they are not individually wrapped but the others said they were... WEIRD. Annie, what is the name of the internet cheapies you got/are using now?? Jeanette, Wondefo is what I'll look for! 100 for $20 is NOT bad at all!!! Thanks ladies SO much for your help in trying to ease my ever-so-frustrating-cycles... :-)



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