Beta Question Need Help Ladies

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angela1986 - January 20

So as you all know i just found out i was 7 weeks and some odd days, now i want to know my hcg levels to make sure their doubling properly. I hear everyone talking about getting their beta done, but what is it? And does a blood or urine test confirm the results.


Frances - January 20

I'm not sure about a beta, maybe it's the same thing and I'm just mistaken. I had an hcg quant a few times and they just take your blood to test and then again in 48 hours and test again. It's pretty easy and not terribly expensive. I imagine you could request one with no problem. Good luck, I'm 7w 2d myself!


LIN - January 20

It's a quant_tative blood test, and your doctor should do one as soon as you see him/her. In all reality, this is probably a better question for the first trimester board, particularly since you already know you're pregnant.


DownbutnotOUT - January 20

I didnt know drs did HCG blood tests over 2 days for women who havent had m/c's. I remember having many blood tests but only 1 HCG and than no blood work for another month or so. I dont think you really need a quantative HCG unless you have had a previous m/c.


Megs - January 21

how are your beta levels looking???


angela1986 - January 21

I have no clue just yet i have to go back to the drs, i didnt get to go on saturday, the office was only open for like 2 hours and i actually over slept lmao. But hey at least it was for a good reason. ill be making an appointment for friday when DF's mom is off to take me and then we'll know. But ill keep you posted!


Megs - January 21

Yeah!! :-) I can't wait for the update! I knew all those naps were for a good reason!! LOL


Grandpa Viv - January 21

I think quant_tative hCG is not done by many doctors unless there is reason to think the pregnancy is not progressing properly. Amongst other things it is used if ectopic is suspected. Good luck!



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