BEYOND Irregular Periods Could I Be Pregnant

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MM - October 5

I have no way to tell if I am pregnant by a missed period. Sometimes my period comes one month after the last, sometimes three months later - I've even had it come 6 months later. There is no pattern, it varies all the time so it is very annoying. I don't even get symptoms so it's pretty much a surprise whenever I get it. Last week I started having to go to the bathroom very frequently (every hour or so) & I had some light pink blood when I wiped (lasting about 5 days). The frequency has tapered off a little (about every 2-3 hours now) but I'm still getting up in the middle of the night to go which I never used to do. I have also noticed that in the evening I feel a little sick, like I've eaten something that doesn't agree with my stomach but it's not too bad. I've also been having the occasional headache - it doesn't last long but it's strange because I NEVER get headaches, even after drinking. I took a pregnancy test on Sunday but it was negative - but I don't even know if I took it at the right time because I don't know when my period is due. I know this is long but could somebody help me? I can't keep running to the doctor for nothing. Does it sound like I could be pregnant? Thanks!


sm - October 5

MM, sounds promising. when's ur last af?


MM - October 6

It was around Aug. 20th


sm - October 6

it has been 45 days from then. well, ur symptons sound promising but then again, cant do anythin now except to do a p test every wk. my longest record was 59 days & thereafter, af came - very disappointing & hv even spent goin to see a gynae when he saw nothin in my womb & urine test also shows -ve. might b our way of living or even age (how old r u? i m 34yrs old!) .. stress, body weight etc contribute to our hormones fluctuates! sigh! well, anyway, smile & we jus hope for the best, if u do not wan to spend on a doc, blood test.


mtnla__s - October 6

You may not be ovulating at all. Try taking your temp for a while. If your Oing then your periods will be somewhat regular. I've gone 73 days between periods before. Sometimes you can O later in your cycle and sometimes not at all. When your period comes it's usually because the lining has gotten too thick and falls off which will not be uniform, hence spotting. I'd see the doc about irregular periods. Your hormones may be off or you could have PCOS. It can be very frustrating not being regular. Are you using any BC? Coming off of a contraceptive can mess your system up. I had an IUD removed last december and I may be finally O'ing for the 4th time this year. Of course husband isn't here to take advantage of it but at least this month is "normal". Normal doesn't mean 28 days. Anything from 26 to 38 I believe can be "normal" as long as it follows a pattern. See your doc about irregular periods not about the possiblity of a pregnancy and see a certified nurse midwife if you can. I've had better care from them then MD's.



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