BFN From A Dr Poss Pg Anyway

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Jenice - April 11

Well, i went back to the doctor on friday, and he had me do a urine test. (again) i dunno, but i think they have something against blood tests. anyways, he really brushed me off, even tho i just missed my second period. i've had most of the symptoms, including the veins on my fact, he was convinced that i am 9 weeks pg. (i'm even too big for my pants!) except that the urine test was negative. he did an exam on me, to see if my uterus was enlarged or anything. and he says everything is normal. should i take him at his word? is there any chance that he's wrong? (cuz then i'll make the 3 hour drive to my family doctor) or do you think this is all just in my head? i'd really appreciate any input. thanks.


Neiky - April 11

Hi Jenice, It's comforting to hear that someone else is going through the same thing that I am going through and that I am not alone. I have had sooo many syptoms of being pregnant that I just don't know where to start. I, too, have gotten negative results(3 HPT and 1 from my Dr.) But the symptoms are very present and real! My stomach is soo huge that I'm scared that when or if I do finally get a positive result, i'll but do within weeks. Girl I dunno what to think! You can find out my situation in full details. My topic is ent_tled..."Could I be Pregnant". Get back wit' me girl!


char - April 11

y not get the doc to do a scan? i saw my doc 3 wks delayed fr my last af & urine test was -ve .. he did a scan & told me he saw no pregnancy coz there's no dot in the womb .. so i guess tat will b more accurate .. tis af was infact delayed for 2 mths .. i was almost into missing the 2nd af when the aunt came, sigh! it's all waiting game though how much we wish we r preggers! smile though.


Lynn - April 11

I am in the same boat. I would have been around 10 wks pregnant when I went to an OBGYN. She said the same thing-I'm not pregnant and everything is normal. I'm sorry, but having an abdomen big enough that you have to wear maternity pants, having larger b___sts, having large amts of cm, dark veins on b___sts, and no or much shorter than normal periods is not normal. At least your dr thought you might be pregnant before the exam. Mine seemed to a__sume I wasn't before the exam. She didn't even seem to notice the swollen abdomen (which I know is not fat since I only gained 2 1/2 pounds since Feb.) Since that visit, my b___sts and abdomen have gotten bigger and there are now noticeable veins on my thighs and abdomen. I am going to make an appointment with a different dr in a couple of wks and see what happens. Hopefully, I can get this one to do a quantatative blood test or an ultrasound, since urine tests don't always show pregnancy.


Melissa - April 11

Well, I am kinda in the same boat, but my hpt came back + and my blood was-. They say that may mean I m/c, but still no af, I am 3 weeks late as of today. My dr said my uterus was not soft. Does anyone know how far along you are when your uterus gets soft? This would be my third pregancy and with the last one, it was twins. Lost one of them at 9 weeks. Good Luck and I hope everything works out the way you want it!



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