BFN Is It Too Early

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laurac - June 5

Hi everyone...I need your help. AF is scheduled to arrive for the 8th and I decided to take a test this morning. I took a digital first response test. It turned out to be bfn, when I took the cartridge out to throw it away I saw two lines on the strip. One really dark one and a lighter one. I figured because its early to test that it might be a faint bfp. I didn't trust the test so I took another one a couple hours later, a regular first response test and it was bfn. Did any of you get bfn when testing too early and then get a bfp....I ask because I have quite a few symptomes, mostly fatigue and nausea. Maybe I should just wait until after AF should arrive...I am just too impatient!! Thanks for your help!


LadyD - June 5

laura, maybe you should wait until af is due. I know easier said then done, but if you want to know for sure and you are getting bfn's now, you should wait. They say the digital tests give accurate answers a few days early but maybe your hcg level is not high enough and it has detected it. Good luck and keep us posted!


Chas - June 5

laura, those two lines do NOT mean positive. If you read the insert that comes with the test it will tell you that. There is some kind of trick to the digital and it will most likely always have two lines. Always go by what the screen says only. how many dpo are you?? A lot of people will test negative before they test positive, if you tested too early. I got a neg at 10 dpo and then a pos at 13dpo on my last pg. Hope this helps. Hang in there.


laurac - June 5

thanks for the good wishes...I just wish that I could know now! I'll have to wait I have no choice...argg thats the hard part! Thanks LadyD!


laurac - June 5

I am 12 dpo...ok so there is hope!! LOL, it does help a lot thanks a lot Chas!


Natalie101 - June 5

Hi. Thought I'd join in if you don't mind - I'm a bit new to these forums and all the abbreviations etc... My AF is due on the 8th - I tested yesterday and got a BFN, hopefully i was just testing too early and the result will change? I was approx 11 dpo yesterday. I think I should wait too see if AF turns up now? Good Luck!


laurac - June 5

Good luck to you too Nathalie! We should hold on until the 8th and then hopefully both get BFP!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!


Jennbj - June 5

I'll wait with you if that's okay? I tested today 12 dpo and got a BFN, af due wednesday will wait to test again then. Good luck to all of you.


laurac - June 5

Sure we can wait together Jennbj. I am going to try and wait until friday to test...its sooo far away!!! Good luck to you too!


Natalie101 - June 6

Hi Laura and Jenn. Excuse the time difference I am from England (It's almost 10am here). I was very tempted to test this morning - but resisted. Have you had any symptoms? I've had a few but think I'm just thinking about it too much (easy to read into the slightest thing). I am definately bloated and have been for about a week. Have had some cramps and constipation. But really not sure. Good luck again.


Thyme - June 6

Hi Ladys :) I'm pretty new here but have been reading the forums for some time as I been TTC for over 6mths now. Reason why i reply this time is because i am in the 2WW right now, with AF due on Friday. I'm feeling kinda diffrent and excited today, very very bloated tho and have been to docs to have a blood test done as he's thinking of putting me on Clomid soon. I'm 33 at the moment and i have never been pregnant before. Every cycle i think i am, but sometimes i try to not convice myself, god its so hard sometimes.. me and my dear boyfriend want a baby so much. I am also from England (waves at Natalie) so do u mind if i join ya on the wait? some times the man is not so great to talk to as i try not to get his hopes up to much every month, and the expense of testing to early... baby dust to you all!!


laurac - June 7

Hi girls. I resisted testing yesterday and today. AF should arrive tomorrow but I hope she doesn't! I feel nauseated and I have headaches all the time but I mean that could be anything right?? Waiting is the hardest thing, but I am going to try to hold off until friday for another test, just so that I don't get upset if its another neg... Nathalie, I know what you mean about reading into things...sometimes the more you know the worse it is! Thyme I agree about the man not being the best one to talk to! They have good intension they just don't know what to say! Keep me posted and good luck again!


Natalie101 - June 7

Hello again girls. I am still waiting and still resisting to test. AF is also due tomorrow, so my plan is to wait and see if she comes, if not I will test Friday (If temptation does not get the better of me)! Well I truly hope it will be a lucky month for us all. Baby dust to all!!


Chas - June 7

hi girls, I haven't been able to resist like all of you! I tested today bfn. It's really upsetting. I should be 13 dpo today, could it still be too early? I am trying to be optimistic, but it's discouraging. Last pg I got my bfp at 13 dpo. I just don't feel like af is coming though... it's weird. Maybe it will just sneak up on me this weekend. I hope not


laurac - June 7

Keep you head up Chas.!! I heard that people get bfn all the time until weeks after af is due. I am not going to test until friday...its going to be really hard and it might still be too early. These tests all say they can detect up to 4,3 days in advance but that doesn't work for everyone. Maybe we are those people. Its possible. Hang in there! We'll know soon enough!


laurac - June 8

Hi girls. I got a faint BFP this morning. I hope its not a trick! I will take another one tomorrow morning to make sure. Although I do have quite a few symptoms I am still not 100% sure that its right, I really hope so though. I hope that it comes true for you girls too!


Jennbj - June 8

Congrats Laurac!!!!!!! That is so great. So was af due today? did that make you 14dpo? I am now on cd 32 15 dpo and still no af!! My temp did go down a little this morning so I though sure she was coming but still nothing!! I usually get pink when I wipe before af comes but I still haven't even seen that yet. I'm so confused!! I want to keep hoping that there is still a chance but with the temp drop today I don't have much hope left. hopefully maybe my temp will go back up tomorrow and today was just a fluke thinkg. I don't know, sorry for rambling on. Chas, when are you testing again?



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