BFN Need Encouragement Please

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shan - April 23

Hi, AF is late and have had some irregular spotting and bleeding. Spotting on cd 26 and 27 as well as cd 29 and more today which is cd 31. I am about 13-15 dpo. I took a HPT this morning and it was negative. My doctor wants me to get a blood test Monday if no AF. I can't take the emotional roller coaster. I was sure I was pregnant this time because I just felt off - dizzy spells, sore bbs, tight abdomen. Also, I am usually never late but usually early and since I went on clomid I have been regular almost to the point it was predictable. When I saw BFN this morning I cried. I think I need to take some time off ttc because I am so obessesed and want a baby so bad (ttc almost 2 years). I just don't know how to handle the emotions anymore. Also, does anyone think I tested too early? I was afraid of doing HPT for this exact reason. I will still do blood test on Monday but I am not hopeful. Thanks for listening.


jj - April 23

babydust. keep me posted.


jena - April 23

well, you're not for sure out of luck yet. AF hasn't shown. you could have tested too early - i didn't get a BFP until 2 weeks after my missed period and now I am 7 weeks with twins. 2 years is a long time - I'm so sorry - I can't imagine. Maybe if you do "take time off" of ttc - not really, but not charting as much and stuff, you will get prego - i've heard of that a lot before - that right when people relax, it happens. let us know how the blood test goes - and if it is low, ask them to test again in 2 days - my first test was a 2 (level of hcg) but it soon skyrocketed. GOOD LUCK!!!


Alex - April 24

Hi there Shan - sorry to hear about your ttc history - maybe this is your month - Good luck!! I'm sure it will happen for you soon but I think if you relaxed more that will help too. Why don't you join us on the 'Baby Dust & lots of it' thread where several of us are ttc and are waiting together. You are certainly not alone with those rollercoaster emotions.


Jo - April 24

Don't worry just yet... I feel preggo but haven't had a BFP yet. af has seemed to go on vacation since feb. Personally I hope she stays away


amanda - April 24

baby dust



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