BFN Should I Test Again

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Jenna - July 5

Ok heres the last period was on June 9th. I believed i O'd around the 20-23rd of June. About 3/4 days po i started to notice light pink bleeding for about 2 or 3 days. Im told this is around the time IB can happen. Anyway ever since around last Wed i have been nauseated in the morning until about 3pm. My back has been hurting and my abdomen was hard as a rock. My areolas have also gotten darker, although my bbs havent really swelled much yet. Anyway yesterday i felt absolutley horrible, my whole body ached and i was an emotional wreck. My temp was 98.5. I also started having a sore throart yesterday and this morning, which i read can be a symptom. Today i felt horrible in the morn once again, no energy at all, i took my temp and it was 99.1, that is really really high for me. Well i decided to take a test today but it was a BFN...i dont know how i could have ALL these symptoms and it could be negitive...i was thinking about waiting a week and taking it again... what do you think? am i? should i take another test?


Angel422 - July 5

I would defintely wait a week and then restest. It sounds like you could definitely be pregnant and you just tested too early. Besides, hpts will pick up a pregnancy at different times for each woman. For example, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn't get a positive hpt until I was two months pregnant. Good Luck!


to Jenna - July 5

You might be, but you could also be coming down with some sort of infection, hence the low energy, raised temps, sore throat, and back. Personally sore throats have been more likely to signal AF than anything else. I have to say that I believe that most pregnancies do show up positive by cd 12-15. But not all and things could be different for you, but I'd hold off testing for another couple of days, just in case.


Mel - July 5

Jenna, I am in the same boat as you. May last period was on June 11th. O'd around 24-25th. I had similar symptoms...very, very tired (almost no energy), slight nausea, rock hard belly and then very soft and bloated, very restless at night and leg pain. I took a hpt on Friday and - . I was so disappointed! I want to test again, but am afraid of being disappointed again. I hope we are! how exciting! When are you going to take another test?


jenna - to mel - July 6

I'm going to take my next test sometime this weekend i think. This whole thing is plain confusing! I mean last night i noticed that it looked like my bbs were a little bigger and i could see the veins. Then this morning i checked and while i could still see strech marks and viens they didnt seem bigger. Also, i read that you can get congestion, which of course can lead to sore throat and coughing all that fun stuff. I even asked a doctor about it and she said that was right. Now im thinking i just have a cold or something, although i dont know what cold has ever given me a fever (i dont get fevers unless something is really going on with my body). Then i was thinking about making an appt to get meds for my "cold symptoms" but i dont want it to effect me if i am pg. Only time will tell i guess! Good Luck and keep me posted!!!!



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