BFN Light Quot Period Quot Going Crazy

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jamers - November 21

I sure hope someone gives me some insight on this.. it'd be appreciated so I know I'm not alone! I have no clue how long my cycles are, maybe around 40-42 days. My lmp was Sept 23 and I went the entire month of Oct with no af, but felt minor cramps, like tugging. Nothing painful at all. then on Oct 31 I wiped pink when I used the restroom. This happened for 3 days then on the 3rd night I had some real super light bleeding, but I didn't even use a tampon. This "bleeding" went on for 5-6 days. It was just like spots of blood. I never even had a flow at all. Well I would think that was af, but I ALWAYS without fail bleed like someone got murdered on the first day of af, have horrible killer cramps, and change tampons (sorry tmi) at least every half hour the first day. Plus I never ever have wiped pink before. I went to the doctor Nov 6 and got a BFN there. Then I tested again Nov 13 and got another BFN. (that was 19 days after I bd'd) My appet_te has increased big time. I normally cannot even finish a hamburger at mcdonalds, but the other day I ate fries, a burger, and a fish sandwich lol! I have even gained weight. like 3 months ago I weighed 112, now I weigh 119 as of Nov 6. It could be cause I have been eating more, but I don't know why I have been eating more. And a few times I have gotten real bad dizzy spells at work, to where I have to lay my head down. I'm sure most of this is just coincidence, but it's all making me go nuts!!!! It's been about 8 days since I've tested last, but I hate getting those BFN's!!


jamers - November 21

Also! I have not had real sore bbs and I haven't been feeling sick or anything. Do you girls think I should just go with the BFN since I tested almost 3 weeks after BD'ing?


lillybug - November 21

alot of women don't get a BFP right away, my mom didn't get one until she was 2 1/2 months pg with me.


mommy2bagain - November 21

Hello, I was in the same position as you. I had somewhat of a period and just thought I wasn't pregnant. I was always sleeping too. Never really had any nausea and then around week ten or eleven my b___bs hurt and ached alot everyday. I also started to get dizzy around this time. I still thought I wasn't pregnant and I just figured the aching was because of AF. Then, AF was late and i decided to go to the Doctor and Then i finally got a positive.


jamers - November 21

That makes me feel a little better, I just thought for SURE I wasn't pregnant because my doctor said "well you are just having a doozy of a period this month!" But I just can't shake it.. I never bleed that light.. I guess there's a first time for everything right? My best friend had a light period until she was 4 mos pregnant, and didn't even find out she was pregnant til then also. But who knows!!! I will keep you updated!


jamers - November 21

Oh yeah, also I bd'd again Sunday night (like 3 nights ago) and today had pale pink when I wiped, but only that one time so far today. I've had a lot of cm - a lot lot - watery. Is this possibly an infection? it has no odor.


R__ - November 21

well i have a friend who with both of her pregnancies she said she had a regular period at her normal time for 4 months. she said she didnt know she was preg. until she started gaining weight. i don't believe that is infection because i had that too for a few days. and i dont have any infections but if your not sure i would have it checked out. good luck.


jamers - November 24

well yesterday I started spotting, again, this is weird. Only when I wipe and maybe 3 times I could feel a "drop" of light blood in my undies. If it was pregnancy I wouldn't think I would have spotted 3 weeks ago then again yesterday. I tested on Thanksgiving morning and BFN :(



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