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shannon5980 - June 2

Hey all i just want to share my news this morning i got a bfp at what im thinking is 9 dpo. I am not really sure what day i ovulated because i never checked my temps or cm. I just used that website and put in my last period and me and dh beded alot during what they thought were my fertile days. I used a first responce hpt this morning and got a very faint but def there bfp. I am so excited.


Anna B. - June 2

Congrats! Did you have any signs/symptoms???


Lala - June 2



shannon5980 - June 2

I really didnt have much of any symptoms. my bbs are a little sore but nothing really painfull. i was just so anxious to test and so happy to see a bfp. it is a very faint bfp but its def there. i am going to test again tomorrow in the am because they say your hcg does double each day right?


shannon5980 - June 2



Anna B. - June 2

I think your hcg doubles every 2 days but either way it should be darker tomorrow. I bet you are so excited!


LadyD - June 2

Congrats, shannon! I use mymonthlycycles. com also. Just out of curiousity, how long is your cylces? How long were you ttc?


shannon5980 - June 2

my cycles are 28 days and this was the first time we were ttc. me and dh looked up the site and put in my last period and it showed us our "fertile days" and so we beded a day prior to a fertile day and everyday after that.


dedaa - June 2

Awesome, congrats again on your BFP.I use too I love it. That is so cool that it was your very first time ttc.


rhamel - June 2

AWESOME, I'm very excited for you! I took a first response this morning and it was bfn, but I'm feeling a lot of symptoms. They are so expensive so I am saving the second one till af is actually late lol, until then I have MANY dollar store tests to hold me over :P


VenusdiMilo - June 2

Congratulations Shannon!! I too use as well I love that site. Today I'm 14DPO with no sign of AF yet...I have gotten a few BFNs already so I'm just here waiting for her to show her d__n face. Anyway, good luck to you!!



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