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Meelliissaaxo - May 12

h__lo everyone! Af isnt due until the 16th, but i decided to take a test, it was a walmart equate test & it had a faint line, i recently miscarried in february. i was wondering should i wait to see if it gets darker then concern, or should i take another test.. also whats the chances of me miscarrying again? :[ the dh and i stopped using lubrication this month because we werent getting pregnant.. could this have helped


MelissaP - May 12

Wow! Congratulations Meellliissaa!! They always say, a line is a line, but go get another test just to make sure. Maybe a digital one?? So it takes the guess work out. I am so happy for you! Take another test and let us know what the result is =)


mjvdec01 - May 12

Hey there, Congratulations! Just go buy a box of Firsts Response and take one tomorrow morning and wednesday morning. By wednesday it should be darker for sure. I don't know that I would use a digital before wednesday, they typically aren't as sensitive and you could get a false negative. Not using a lubricant could definitely have helped, there is spermicide in a lot of them. As far as miscarrying again, don't stress. Every pregnancy is different and chances are everything will be fine. Have you called your OB yet?


Meelliissaaxo - May 12

aw girls thank you so much! i have not decided if i want to go back to the hospital i went to before (which is a small one) or the one thats about 35 minutes away which is VERY nice! i probably wont call the ob til i miss my period and get a darker line.. i will definately take a digital later on. maybe this weekend.. what a great late mothers day gift.. MelissaP; hows things going with you? any luck yet? hope everythings good.


MelissaP - May 12

Everything is going well. Still trying to complete school! I am in my tww right now. I am about 4-5 dpo. The husband had been out of town for work, and I am pretty sure I picked him up from the airport the day I was ovulating =). We got a lot of bd'ing in that day....and just to make sure I bd'd the next day as well. So we will see!


Meelliissaaxo - May 15

well good news. i took a test last night after work & the line is now dark & is definately there. hopefully things go better this time.. i have a doctors appt the 22nd.


cblack - May 15

Congrats Meelliissaaxo! Hope you have a happy and healthy nine months!! :)


kalokairi - May 15

congratulations!!!!!!! happy & healthy!!



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