BFP 9 25

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wendypadro - September 26

Ok, so I've been feeling really weird lately. Had that "I'm pregnant feeling", but yet, I've also had the I'm prob driving myself crazy thinking I am. But at the same time, there was no way we couldn't be, I mean, we BD every day this cycle til day 18 I think, maybe 16th. IDK either way, we couldn't miss it. We weren't exactly trying either tho, but he really wants a baby. So, I'm not sure when I ovulated, but I do kno that I tried an opk test early this cycle (just days after af) and it was + , but I'd never used those before. I swear just about 2 wks after AF left I was getting nauseas from smells, even stuff I norm love. My bbs started hurting, (btw my bbs never ever hurt, with either of my pregnancies nor with any of my cycles, not even thru puberty) but they have been killing me. and my nipples are so tingly, it's insane. Then about the same time, I've been oh so bloated, and have had really nasty gas, it's embarassing. Oh and extremely irritable with everyone, HE especially. The first thing I did experience and was extreme fatigue, I just couldn't sit for more than 5 mins and not fall asleep. I'm not like that, I can def go a few days on just 4 hours a night. I did however blame it on getting up early for JJ (my 5 year old) whom started kindergarten on Aug 24th. I'm rambling I'm sorry. I've been having so many scary baby dreams, but I keep thinking its cause the thought of me being pregnant and the way I'm feeling has consumed my every thought. Today, he almost convinced me to test. I refused, drove away. I figured that if we tested and it came back - that I'd break his heart as well as mine. Specially with AF being 4 days away. I caved when I got home, had gone potty about an hour and half before but what the heck. It's only a $. I put the drops in and squirted the rest out. Peeked in really quick as the color filled and was disapointed cause I didn't see anything but I did see the control line. I teared, wiped and stood as I raised my underwear I looked at the test and there was the 2nd line. It hadn't been 3 minutes yet. OMG! It's + !!! Wow! This was our first month without the copper IUD, it happened so fast.


boosmommy - October 12

Congratulations Wendy! I am hoping for a BFP soon. I should be 5-6 weeks as of now.


Krissy68 - October 19

Congratulation Wendy!!!!! boosmommy - did you find out if you were pg. Krissy


boosmommy - October 19

Wendy, have you been to the drs yet? Hi Krissy, no not yet. My hpt keeps showing negative. My abdominal/side/back pain has been getting worst and now my b___bs have been pretty sore. I'm not really sure what's going on. I am waiting on a call back from my drs office right now. I have a scheduled appt with my doctor in 3 weeks but I just simply can't wait that long! I need to know what's going on, whether I am pregnant or not. My b___bs never hurt though so I don't know what else that could be.


Krissy68 - October 20

boosmommy - How are you doing today? Hang in there and I hope they can get you in the doctor's office earlier than 3 weeks. Make sure you ask them for a blood pg test. Krissy



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