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KimS - June 4

Well I got my bfp at 12 dpo, today I am 14 dpo and we still can't believe it!!! I was bcp for 12 years and came off it 3 months ago, the 2 previous months, I had tonnes of symptoms but this month I've had nothing except my bbs being a little sore but not as much as the last 2 months... I guess my big symptoms have been the lack of symptoms.. We've been ttc for 3 months and dh still doesn't want to get excited although he is.. I tell him that I am definately pregnant... we just have to wait and see if it sticks!! Neither of our families even know we are ttc... we actually have them totally thinking that we weren't considering ttc for at least 2 more years... they'll all be sooooo surprised I can't wait to tell them. Well thanks for listening!!!Baby dust to all!!


dedaa - June 4

Congratulations Kims, that is so awesome that you did not have to try for to long.The families are going to be so excited for you guys.Have a healthy pregnancy and enjoy it sure does not last long.


gilmoregeek - June 4

Congrats, Kims! That is awesome!


VenusdiMilo - June 4

Congratulations Kim!! You have a healthy and happy pregnancy!!


ROCK - June 4

KimS, it is so encouraging to read your post. It sounds like my story. Just came off bcp and this is our 2nd month ttc. Last month i was loaded with symptoms and then i got my monthly friend. This month I have no symptoms except for sore b___bs that started today (8 dpo) I've been getting discouraged looking for these huge changes in my body....after reading your story i feel alot better. i guess theres no way to know until you take the test! Congratulations on your little miracle!


KimS - June 4

Thanks Ladies for your support, we don't want to tell anyone yet so it's nice to be able to talk here.. I know we have been lucky that we did not have to wait too long and I have sooo much respect for those couples that have been trying for extended periods of times, since I could see how trying this could be month after month... Anyways good luck to all !!!



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