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ashleyd - June 22

Well...after deciding to wait a few days (it's CD36 for me) last night we picked up another test because of my nausea, and suppppper sore bbs. Just finished taking it (6:42 am...still getting rdy for work) and went back to the bathroom...and there it was - a faint positive @ 2.5 mins. So I took it to my fiance...and showed him b/c I didn't believe it and it was still kinda dark in our room and he's like "I don't see anything" so he walks into the light and is like " way". We set it back down and waited, thinking maybe it would change (it's nerve racking)...and by the 5 min was noticible...still a tad light (but certainly there even in the darker room you could see it now). This was our 1st cycle TTC w/ the "accidental" scare last cycle that lead us to deciding to try. I feel terrified, yet totally fortunate. After reading all of the women on this site, I also feel somewhat undeserving, so many of you ladies have tried for so long. All I can say is Keep your heads up! I have a family history (not myself...but mothers side) of infertility, so there has always been this fear in my mind that I may never be a mommy...and suddenly now I'm wondering, will this stick? and will I be a good mom. Wow. It's all so overwhelming...but I have to get ready for work. Just because we're testing again friday morning....and then I'll make a doc appt. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped through my process (short, I know...) and I'll be here the whole time to share and help those!! THANKS!!!


mtnla__s - June 22

Congrats!! I'm so happy it happened very quick for you. Spread some of that luck baby dust!


Lin - June 22

Congratulations!!! Don't you dare feel undeserving. You deserve it just as much as the next person. Hey, some people have to be the lucky ones who *don't* have to try for months!


linds99 - June 22

Your desire to be a mom is as genuine as everyone else's on this forum. Even though it hasn't taken you as long as some of us, that doesn't discount you from being deserving. So congratulations, and enjoy the 9-month ride....we'll all be there someday too!


Maggie - June 22

Hi ashleyd, CONGRATS!! I know how you feel about the guilt you have for concieving so soon. I've been on the forum for over a year now. I went through ttc, pregnancy, and giving birth on this forum, and so many of the ladies I started talking to a year ago are still ttc now. No one here has ever made me feel bad or undeserving, in fact it has been quite the opposite which is why I still come to this forum today. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!


VenusdiMilo - June 22

Congratulations Ashleyd!!


LadyD - June 22

Congrats, you deserve it! Best of wishes!


staci - June 22

congratulations ashley! woo hooo!


Grandpa Viv - June 22

Good work, Ashley. Thanks for the feedback. Have a fruitful 9 months!


ashleyd - June 22

Thanks so much for all the wonderful words :) I'll keep everyone updated with everything... and just as a thing to keep you hopeful... a lack of the common pregnancy things is what I had...the sore bbs didnt kick in until after AF was due... BABY DUST!!


DownbutnotOUT - June 22

Yay ashley congrads that is great news u must keep us informed on how you are doing n_n. Take care and best wishes XoX


JessicaC - June 22

YAY! Congratulations! Currently I'm waiting to find out if we "accidentally" conceived. But, like you, going through this is making me think that maybe we will TTC earlier than thought (if I'm not pg now). Congrats again and *best wishes*


Danielle26 - June 23

Congrats! And I'm in the same boat with the conceiving quickly thing. It took us once, for both pg's. I feel really lucky. I was actually expecting it to be very difficult because of my prior surgeries and scarring, but I guess it was just the right time. Good luck to you, and to everyone else, here's babydust to ya!!


ashleyd - June 25

Jessica...yeah...the scare was like "wow...we might be..." and AF came...which was a relief last cycle...but then we both kind of got "down" about it, and my fiance kept talking about it we figured we'd just start trying...and bam...first cycle w/o the good ol trojans and I'm staring at a + sign... :) thanks :)'s so great, other than feeling super tired and sick :\



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