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Meghan - July 12

well last night I tested and got a bfp then today i tested this morning with my fmu and got another bfp! I used tesco's pregnancy test (tesco is a huge grocery store in england much like a walmart) so I guess there is no denying the facts here, I am pregnant!!!! my only concern is being in england until july 30th (i am from canada but am here with my fiance) I should be ok until then with out seeing my doctor right? I hope july just isnt my month, good luck to the rest o fyou ladies :)


Faith1 - July 12

Congratulations!!! Have a happy and healthy 9 months!!


Emma-Jo - July 12

Congratulations!!! =]]]]


Purplehaze - July 12

Congratulations hun enjoy your stay in England. I think you would be fine until you get home try not to worry and enjoy being pregnant :)


jeanette - July 12

MEGHAN! Congrats darlin!!! Sooo happy for you! You will be fine, try to take some prenantals if you arent already, and just eat well and relax! Congrats again doll!


VenusdiMilo - July 12

Congratulations Meghan!! I agree with Jeanette. You should be fine. Good Luck!!


sammykjo - July 12



Meghan - July 12

thank you all so much! thank you for the advice and guidence as well! I am off to go get some prenatals in 20 minutes! this is already so exciting! I sincerly hope I see some more bfp's this month! <3 xx


ZenGirl - July 12

Congrats Meghan! Don't orry about the travel. I was pregnant with my son when we took a trip to Germany from the states. I didn't know that I was pregnant unitl we came back. Just eat well and drink lots of water!! Congrats!!


Tinker_eyes - July 12

YAY! I am so happy for you. How long have you been TTC for? What were your symptoms? Yay.. a baby.


BrendaW - July 12



Nell143 - July 12

Congrats!!!! Have a wonderful healthy pregnancy!!


Meghan - July 12

tinker eyes, I think i just felt pregnant more than anything, and I had an uncomfy pinching pain in my uterus for a few days which was implantation.we have been ttc for about 4 months now. good luck to you and thank you to the rest of you ladies for your support!!!



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