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turtle - February 7

Well Ladies, this morning I got my BFP. The funny thing is I had all of my medications in the frig waiting for me to start this week. The last few days I have been feeling a little off but not anything that I wouldn't contribute to AF. I am on cd 28 and and 11 dpo. I took a hpt this morning and went back to bed not thinking anything of it really cause I am on a cycle break! When I woke back up I saw 2 very strong lines but of course I just thought it was a evaporation line so I took another one and took a shower, still not concerned. I found another 2 lines!!! Called the Dr. right away and got a beta this afternoon of 61. That is good for now but b/c of my mc in Aug. I am still very nervous and have to go back on Friday to make sure things dbl. Keep me in your prayer for this bean to stick!!!! Things I did do different this asprin, am bding, robitusin, false unicorn root and extra prenatals. Still was continuing EPO and green tea. WOW that sounds like a lot!!!! Pick one you would like to blame it on LOL. I will be taking progesterone sup. for a while till they are sure I am in the clear. Sticky baby dust to you all. I'll keep you up to date!


izechsmama - February 7

Let me be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS! Thats fantastic... I: hope to be joining you in the first trimester forum on Monday or Tuesday! Throw me some sticky baby dust.. like duct tape sticky.. HAHA


lissica - February 7

YAY congratulations!! Hope you have a very sticky bean!


AmySmoak - February 7

Congratulations!! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy!


sarahd - February 7

Congrats!!!! Happy & healthy 9 months to you!


Grandpa Viv - February 7

Congratulations, turtle. Slow and sure wins the race. Have a happy 18.75 years!


turtle - February 7

Thank you so much for all the support. I'll be thinking of you izechsmama! I didn't always have a lot to say on here but for months now I have followed and enjoyed all of you. I wish nothing but the best for everyone and I love "duct tape" baby dust! Sending it to all of you. :)


turtle - February 8

Here is my chart if you want to check it out...home/ I'm a Little Mermaid fan for those of you that know the fish Flounder on the movie...:)


Noodle - February 8

congratulations! send some of that baby dust this way!


MammaJL - February 8

~*~*Congratulations*~*~ Turtle!! Happy & Healthy 9Mos.


Whisper - February 8

Congrats! I'll keep you and yours in my thoughts!


Megs - February 8

Congrats and I wish you a very happy and healthy nine months!!! :-)


lawlady72 - February 8

Way to go turtle!!!!!! Happy pregnancy to you!


jenn_ns - February 8

Congratulations turtle!!! WTG!! Hope you have a happy, healthy nine months!


stefkay - February 8

duct tape baby dust!!! LOL! I love it! Congratulations turtle! :-)


LIN - February 8

Wow turtle, yay! Congratulations!!! : )


PromiseJubilee - February 8

Oh my freakin' GOSH! Are you kidding me? I was stalking when you were talking with Lin about your fertility treatments! And now you're pregnant!! It's so wonderful! Congradulations!!!



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