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michelly4 - October 17

According to my BBT and OPK I am now 12 dpo and af is due Fri. i couldn't wait anymore so today I got home from work (in the am, I work 3rd ) Slept for 4 1/2 hrs. and then got up and tested. i have had sore bb's since 4 dpo and nausea for a couple days. Well there is a 2nd line ! It is faint but it is there ! Never been there before. It showed up right away ! So I am going to test again on Fri to see if it is darker but it is definitly there ! I am so excited but trying to not get to excited just in case it was a bad test or something. I used first response cuz I read that it test at lower levels. So I am really hoping it is really a BFP !!!!


ehall807 - October 17

Congrats!!! :)


mjvdec01 - October 17

congratulations!!! You are Pregnant!!! Keep posting.


Bren1367 - October 17

That's so awesome michelly! I wandered where you went. Hadn't heard from you in a while. Sounds like a BFP! Congrats! Keep us posted.


kelbabe - October 17

congrats.........def a bfp!


michelly4 - October 18

Well I took another preg. test this am and the line is still faint but darker than yesterday ! So I am taking it as a positive !!! i am going to call my dr. today and get a blood test done !


Doubleal - October 18

Michelly, Congrats and i am hoping to be in your boat soon. Can you read my tread "Please help" and let me know if you had any of those symptoms. It would really put my mind at ease. Thanks and have a happy and healthy nine months!!!!!


michelly4 - October 18

Had a blood test done today BFP !!!!! Now just 8 1/4 months to wait !!! Babydust to all


wantbabyboy - October 18

your so lucky ...congrats girl .


BrandiH - October 18

Congratulations! I wish I could get a blood test right now, but I'm waiting.


kelbabe - October 18

wantbabyboy: congrats!!!


wantbabyboy - October 18

sorry I meant BFN so sorry girls


BriannasMummy - October 19

Congratulations michelly4.. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy! ~Kristin~


michelly4 - October 19

Thank you all for your well wishes. Now just 8 months to wait !! Hope we see some more BFP's this month !!! BABYDUST to ALL


NinaS82 - October 19

Michelly, I also got 3 bfp's yesterday and today!!! So i guess we will be pregnant together and at the same time! if my bfp's are correct i should be due July 3rd, 2008 or so.


michelly4 - October 19

Congrtas NinaS82 !!!! Mine is showing July 1st !! We will have to get a new thread going for us. I'll start one so watch for it !!!



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