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steph - May 23

hey everyone. Did 3 tests today ad they are all poitive!!! Can I get excited? Any way, if you want to know my symptoms and how soon.. I had my last AF starting on 26 April, stopped on 29th. TTC on 5,6,7,8,9 by 12th my bbs started to hurt by the 15th I had really bad weird cramplike AF pains (2-3 weeks before AF was due) then just a feeling of being tired easily. also i couldn't stand the smell of new leather shoes!!! runny and stuffy nose and sneezing!! I hope this helps some of you. Major baby dust to ALL of you. This site is the best while you wait x x x x x


to steph - May 23

of course you can get excited!!!! CONGRATULATIONS mommy! so it is possible to exhibit symptoms so soon after o? that is good to know. i have been having some 'lotion-like' cm, and some of those cramps that you were speaking of, and i am not even due for af until the 2nd! hope all that is positive! again congratulations, you have every right to be excited! keep us posted on how you are doing!


natasha - May 23

hi steph.. congratulations.. have a healthy 9 month and dont forget to send babydust to us


to steph--- - May 23

congrats !!!!!!! did you have a lotiony pastey cm...???? i have exactly the same af dates and ovulation dates as you !!! i am expecting af anyday now---i want to take an hpt---but i am scared---idont want to get dissapointed ---my dh and i are ttc...good luck !!!!!!


jue - May 23

congratulations with extra toppings, my dates are identical to yours but hav had 2 early neg hpt so far, but I should know by now that htp's don't work on me for some reason. I did 5 htp's after my dr did a blood test (13yrs ago when pg with my youngest son) all came back negative but dr's came back positive and I was 4 months pg. send lots of baby dust to us as you seem to have some spare now lol. good luck for the future and let us know how you get on.


JN - May 23

Best wishes to you Steph....I am due for AF on 25th-26th......thanks for sharing symptoms with us too, that really helps.....good luck with everything!


Grandpa Viv - May 23

Thanks for the feedback, Steph, and congratulations!


steph - May 23

Thanks to everyone...i can now enjoy feeling sick without thinking it's all in my head!! (to steph)- when i did a 'finger test' it varied from being very dry to other days quite lotiony like. U should take HPT - you never know!! - Jue- My wishes are with you. JN- not long to wait (feels like a life time i know) Major baby dust to all x x x x x x x x x x x


steph - May 23

Sorry, Natasha, thanks for the luck- will defo keep you all posted x


Shay to Steph - May 23

Congratulations on your BFP!! That's completely awesome! You described the CM from your finger tests, but do you mind if I ask if there was any difference in the position of your cervix? I ask this because my last AF was 4/25-4/28 or so, my cycles are funny so I'm not 100% sure when I ovulated. But, all last week (from Wednesday 5/18 on) and toward the end of last week, my cervix was extremely low, but today appears to be out of reach and hard (can't reach to tell if open or closed) and today is the 1st time I've experienced a "wet" feeling w/ lots of lotiony cm. But, I've heard that's not an indicator anyway. The main thing that is weird, is yesterday morning at church, i wiped once and had the slightest amount of faint pinkish/brownish color on the toilet paper. Wiped again, nothing, and did finger test, nothing. Weirdest thing! No pink or brown since then, just these cramps that won't go away. I'm sure it's nothing, since I psych myself up every month, but it sure would be the best Father's Day gift ever. Sorry to have been so graphic and lengthy, but if you or anyone else have any insight on my crazy body, please feel free to share! :) Again, CONGRATS to you!


Shay to Steph - May 23

sorry, i meant to stay from 4/18 on I've had lower abdominal cramping...OOPS, guess i left out a few words there! Sorry!


Shay - May 23

Geez! Where is my brain, ok, last time, this time I meant to say from 5/18 on and NOT 4/18 on!!!!!! OOPS AGAIN!


~*Annie*~ - May 23

~*Congrats to Steph!!!!! About time someone had a BFP! J/K. I can relate to all of those symptoms except for the new leather shoes part! LOL. I can't stand the smell or taste of sausage links. I even started gagging when I ate my bowl of frosted flakes cereal this morning. And been feeling nauseous all day too. Feed back anyone? My LMP was 04/30 and I'm due for my AF at any day now and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.*~


steph - May 23

Hi there. Shay - i didn't notice any difference with my cervix - but your pinky brown discharge then cramps? that sounds a bit like implantation bleeding doesn't it? I also just had this feeling that i was. I think the weird cramps are best to go opinion big bag of baby dust coming your way!!!!!! Good luck Annie - Also, around noonish i would get cramps and start to gag...even with no smell! i looked quite deranged


Shay to Steph - May 23

Thanks for the input. I'll keep my fingers crossed...I think I've learned to hope for the best, but expect the worst at this point. :) But, hopefully I'll be catching that big bag of baby dust! :) Thanks & best of luck to you!!!!!


CB - May 23

Congrats Steph! I love these happy posts. It's VERY helpful for those of us TTC to hear about the symptoms of recent BFPs!! Thanks!


steph - May 23

I also had weird 2 or 3 times a day...i usually only go once a week (freaky i know)...



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