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lisamarieA - December 19

Hi my name is Lisa. I have been reading this forum for a couple of months now and though i have never posted, I just wanted to let all you wonderful ladies on this forum know that Iam BFP and just wanted to thank you for your support and advice and that one day you will all be wonderful mothers..if there are any questions that i can answer for anyone i will try my best..after all its only fair i have been reading all your posts for a while now...


LS - December 19

congratulations, Lisa! How long were you ttc? what CD did you get your BFP? any symptoms? do you chart? give us the scoop!!! I wish you a happy & healthy nine months!


JenS - December 19

HI lisamarieA, I just got my BFP today as well!! Congrats to you!! I've been ttc for 7mths, this month I finally decided to temp and use OPKS! it worked!! I'm shocked!


Nat22 - December 19

Lisa and Jen, congrats new mommies!!!! You must be sooooo happy :) I am going to test on the 26th and hope for a BFP too. I do have a few questions though for each of you... any symptoms? Any spotting (If so, when?)? Again, congradulations and happy holidays!


JenS - December 19

Hi NAtt22, Thanks! i'M SO EXCITED! I only had mild cramping, I thought I was going to get AF! My b___bs are not sore at all. That's why I'm in shock I think--I have hardly any symptoms. Actually the only thing a noticed was that my temps where getting highter and higher, and I had a bit of yellowy cm. But I didn't really think anything of it.


AmandaMoo - December 20

JenS, when did your cramps start? Also, how high have your temps gotten? I'm at 4dpo and I am having slight cramps near my right ovary. I figure it is post-O cramps but I never get them this consistently in the same area. They are usually all over after O and are short pains. This is sort of a pulling/cramp feeling. Very strange.


tab2947 - December 20

Hello ladies! Its been a few months since I have been here, but finally after 7 months, I have my BFP today!!!! :) Congrats to you ladies!


ANSWERS? - December 21

AmandaMoo, I think I had my O days from the 9-12 or something like that. I am new at this so I am not sure, but according to my cervical mucous that was the time. Anyway, today I have a funny feeling in my lower left pelvic like where my overy should be. It isn't a real painful deal, just more uncomfortable. And I feel it more when I take a deep breath or stick out my tummy. It is in the same spot every time. It is weird. My b___bs are a little tender and have been for a couple weeks. Since right after we started trying and my period on 12/1. So I am not sure if this is a sign or not. I had been taking the pill for 5 years and stopped taking it in the middle of the pack so we could start trying. I am excited but nervous and impatient and worried it won't happen this month, although I really want it to! Anyone else reading this please charm in. I need some advice! Thanks and good luck to everyone in here!



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