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Tonigirl - March 5

Hey girls...I just wanted to share that I got a BFP after trying since last May and having on m/c in July. I'm so excited right now...I'm totally shaking!!!! I tested with a dollar store test and an EPT...both showed positive right away. The EPT showed instantly the dollar store showed within a minute or so. I'm on cd 31 today and have been having 32 day cycles. I didn't temp or use opk's this month....really I just prayed and tried not to stress and OMG...a BFP!!! I just wanted to spread the love and the baby dust to all you ladies....because so many have shared with me!


SarahBethT - March 5

congrats hon...I was really rooting for you! have you been feeling? What are your symptoms? I am so excited for you!!! Happy and healthy 9 months!


Tonigirl - March 5

Thanks sweetie! You're the first to congratulate me!!! Ummm...well, I have been tired the last few days, like my eyes nearly closing at 1pm tired. I also felt fog headed a bit. Today I had an upset tummy...didn't toss my cookies or anything...but nothing sat well and I just felt off all day. I even left work early. So, I decided with the tummy sickness that I would stop and get dollar store..but when I got home I realized I already had an when I got the positive with the dollar store I did a double check with the EPT. So no major signs that I don't normally have with AF


Tonigirl - March 5

Oh and I've had gas more than coming out both ends and come to think of it the other day I had heart burn from hell. Oh, and I've been having milky white I guess all those are signs too.


mjvdec01 - March 5

Congratulations!! How exciting. Will this be your first child?


MelissaP - March 5

congrats tonigirl! How very exciting..I really wish you the best =)


Tonigirl - March 5

Thanks so much!!! Yes this will be my first! What is so amazing about finding out this month is that I had an m/c in July and my due date from the pregnancy was in 3 days and my heart was breaking as I got closer to that date with no baby in my tummy. I'm just so thankful to God!


photoholic808 - March 5

congrats.. thats wonderful news... well like the rest of us we hope to join you soon thanks for the baby dust...


Jezebel - March 5



Jezebel - March 5

im sitting here like, i have a minute, let me catch up and i see a bfp im like aw another bfp and then i see the posters NAME OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!! i am soooooooooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!


brads wifey - March 5

congratulations Toni! that's so awesome!!!!


Tonigirl - March 5

Thanks was TOTALLY UNEXPECTED! I didn't even plan bd'ing the way I had been...we just did it when we wanted to...I really wanted a stress free month and OMG....I wasn't even planning on testing...if it weren't for feeling sick to my tummy today I wouldn't have even bothered!!! I'm still in shock!!!


Naomi98 - March 5

Woohoo! That's great news, congratulations and loads of sticky bean dust!!


Tonigirl - March 5

Thanks so much!!! I'm so excited! Lots of baby dust to you too!


Becky22 - March 6

Congratulations! Have a healthy & happy 9 months


Tonigirl - March 6

Thanks Becky! I'm planning on it for sure! :-)


mrsherzog - March 6

OMG Toni! I am so happy for you! See...taking a break from us helped you in a wonderful way! I am in the same boat as you this month...maybe I'll get lucky too! I wish you the happiest and healthiest pregnancy! Congratulations to you and dh! Did you tell him yet?



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