BFP I Can T Believe It

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SAS - August 18

I am 15dpo I have just done a test and it came up BFP immediately!!! Definite thick blue line!!!! For the first time in 8 months I really thought that this was not the month for me. 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with waht they think is PCOS. I ovulated early so didn't plan BD. Just happened to do it the day before for. I never have ewcm and wasn't very wet that day and now I have absolutly no symptoms (apart from no PMT ) so thats why I thought its not going to happen this month! Anyway because of all this i am also absolutly terrified that this BFP will not last. This rollercoaster never stops even when you get your BFP. Baby dust to all x x x


Chas - August 18

Congrats!! Maybe that is what will happen for me. I ovulated early this month too and did not plan any bding. We have just been going with the flow! I am now 8 dpo, and I am not going to stress over waiting on af, I'm gonna try and relax for once !! Good luck to you !


Emily - August 18

Congratulations SAS, Hope it lasts-I just got a positive hpt on Suday it was really light line but today I took a test and the line was much darker. I had a miscarriage a couple of months ago so I am worried about it lasting also. Good luck and baby dust to you. What is PCOS? I dont think I have heard of it.


Shania - August 18

Hi SAS, congrats! I don't really have any symptoms either, but I believe I am PG, however, I just took an hpt and it came up - But I have weird things going on that have never happened before. Have u noticed any bloating (really bad, especially at night when laying down) or different cm? What is PMT?


Sas - August 18

Hi girlies, Thanks for all your responses so quickly. pcos is Polycystic ovarian syndrome. Basically lots of cysts on your ovaries that can prevent conception without medical intervention. PMT=pre menstural tension. And yes very bloated and watery cm. Hope this helps. Baby dust to all xxx


kEEKEE - August 18

Congrats SAS!!!


tab - August 18

Congrats SAS!!!! Hopefully the rest of us will get lucky. Maybe it helped not to concentrate on ov, and just bed, that's what I did this month, the entire 2nd wk after af, so hopefully I am too, I took a test and got a very very very faint BFP and I am just 11dpo, and this time hubby saw it too, so I will be testing again on saturday. Keep ur fingers crossed and send us some baby dust! Try not to worry so much, it maybe too early for symptoms and not everyone get them anyway.


Camilla - August 18

Congrats SAS, that's awesome news!!! With that line coming up so quick and strong, you should be right on target. I also just got mine, and didn't think it was the month. I'm also worried about it lasting (had m/c last October), but a BFP is a good start... I'm thinking of setting up a thread on the First Trimester boards, for some of us recently positive gals? Take care, C.


Camilla - August 18

PS: SAS, I posted on the First Trimester board 'Signs of Pregancy Gals, recently got August BFP?' Good luck to all.



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