BFP Chart Available

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lisa715 - October 8

I just got my BFP this morning and wanted to share my chart with all you ladies!! home/playmecoach. My husband and I got married in June and this was our fourth try. We are due on our wedding day!! Congrats to those who got theirs this month as well (theflowers!!!!). Best of luck to everyone trying! By the way - this month was the first month that I had no symptoms except sore tender br___ts/nipples and wildly vivid dreams. I had no other symptoms so I was convinced I wasn't pregnant. I also had major stress so I was feeling hopeless about it and gave up. Well - God works in mysterious ways. God Bless!!!


keerthy - October 8

WOW.... i dont know u never read ur previous posts.... but Still happy to see one among us PREG..... CONGRATULATIONS.... have a healthy 9 months .... am also having no symptoms this month.... do read abt me on other threads and tell me what u think about me.. loll... (hope am not asking for too much)


BrandiH - October 8

Congrats! I'm glad you said something about the dreams because I normally have dreams, but I can only remember bits and pieces for the first few minutes when I wake up, but last week I could remember all my dreams for most of the week. I wasn't sure if that could have anything to do with it or not.


GimmeaBub - October 8

Yay! it's the BFP month, congrats Lisa, How far along are you? A happy and healthy 9 Months for you! Baby Juice


Shiva - October 8

Lisa- Congratulations!! and happy Nine Months to you. I also got my BFP on Friday and wondering if doctor will give me appointment or not cause generally they say that we have to wait for atleast 15days after I miss my period, what do you think? I am going to call my Dr today lets see what she says. Baby Juice to everyone who are trying very hard.


ma1008 - October 8

congrats lisa!!!


lisa715 - October 8

Thank you everyone!!! My and my hubby are through the roof ecstatic!!! I left this morning and when I got home, he had framed the stick and wrote "Baby' Roy's First Big Accomplishment" on a piece of paper in the frame. It was hilarious!! His favorite bowling name is Roy, so it's our ongoing joke :) I'm about 4 1/2 weeks along now. I don't know much about what the doctor will say but I'm going to call and make an appointment. Good thing I bought some prenatal vitamins yesterday on a complete fluke!! Good luck to everyone else trying :)


lisa715 - October 8

I wanted to share one more thing. This month was the first month since i started ttc that i didn't have any time to obsess over getting pregnant because of some major stress at work. I was so busy at work trying to get settled down after some majore coworker drama that i didn't even think there was a slim chance i could be pregnant. i have heard from other people that they experience this as well that not stressing over it helps. just wanted to share that in case it can help you out!!



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