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brads wifey - March 14

OMG I'M FREAKING OUT! Ya'll are gonna be mad at me because I took a dollar store test this morning (because I had a few leftover) and a faint positive showed up before the control line!!!! This definitely isn't an evaporation line ... dh actually saw it this time! I knew something was up when I started having af cramps at 8dpo .. I'm 10 dpo now so it's early! I'm going to New York today so I'll be back monday! Pray for a sticky bean and baby dust to everyone!


dragonlady1380 - March 14

i did the same thing with a dollar test but in my case its called a pound test, it came up possitive then the doc got a bfn so get checked by the doc. i still have strong symptoms. i really hope it is a bfp baby dust for u


MAC_33 - March 14

Congratulations Sweetie!!!! H&H 9 months!!


Becky22 - March 14

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Ash!!! I had a feeling you were, have a healthy & happy 9 months xx


babe #2 - March 14

Congratulations! That's great! H&H 9 months!


mrsherzog - March 14

Congratulation girlie! By reading your posts this month, i had a good feeling! H&H 9!


winterwhite - March 14

Ash!!!! OMG!! Congrats!!!! I'm soooo happy for you hun!!! :D YAY! ~x~


MelissaP - March 14



Naomi98 - March 14

Wow, Ashley, that's so great, congratulations to you! After a cycle like that you deserve it!!!! Sending you loads and loads of sticky bean dust!!! Keep us posted...


MelissaP - March 14

and off to NY you go and we cant hear all teh details from you. I am going to be anxiously waiting to hear from u =)


Jezebel - March 14

OMG shut uppp!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!


brads wifey - March 14

aww thank ya'll so much for the congrats! we haven't left yet ... waiting for our friends to get off work. So I couldn't sleep last night ... it took me about 2 hours to fall asleep, I was sweaty (and we had the ac on and a fan b__wing on us) and I woke up at 3 am and couldn't go back to sleep. I thought something was up .. plus I was having af cramps and it was way to early for that. Usually I only get them a day or 2 before. I woke up this morning and took a dollar store test with fmu and it came up right away. It's kinda faint because I'm only 10dpo but dh definitely saw it. We keep going back to the test, looking at it and it's still there lol. It's nothing like the tests where I kept getting the evap line. I don't have to tilt this at all and if I hold it far away, I can definitely see it! I just hope it stays. We had a long prayer this morning for a sticky one. I took another test this afternoon and it was bfn but my pee was too diluted. It was almost clear. I will take another one when we get home sunday but I guess I'm not drinking this weekend :)


Gigi19 - March 14

THAT"S AWESOME! Happy and Heathy 9 months.


austynsmommy - March 14

Congrats! Have a happy and healthy 9 months and beyond.Sticky dust!


hoping01 - March 14

Congratulations Brad's Wifey!!! thats wonderful news!!!


Tonigirl - March 14

Oh! That's terrific news! We are all sooooo very happy for you!!! We are going to have very close due dates! What's you edd? Mine is around Nov 11th. CONGRATULATIONS to you sweetie! Oh, and I know what you are talking about with the dollar store tests...I got my bfp that way as well...however I was about 15 or 16 dpo...I could see it coming up right away but it did take a few minutes to darken up so that it looked like a bfp. I had several cheapies so I was testing every day just to see if the line would get darker faster and it has. However, the day I got my bfp I tested with the dollar store and like I said it took a while to darken up...but then I tested with an EPT and that came up instantly...very dark. So, if you're concerned try taking a test with an EPT or First Response...or just wait a few days and I'm sure it will darken up for ya. HAPPY AND HEALTHY NINE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Sticky Bean! Sticky Bean! Sticky Bean!!!! :-)


brads wifey - March 14

Thanks Toni!!! Yeah, I'm gonna take another one when I get back ... I appreciate your help. I think my edd is around Nov. 15 -20 or so. This cycle was 62 days so I'm not really exactly sure lol. Also, Congrats to you .. I will keep ya'll posted :) Sticky dust to you too :)



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