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Shiva - October 6

Finally Ladies!! I got it. Keerthy sorry couldn't control myself and when I reached home from office yesterday I checked and guess what BFP!!! Though it was lite in first 2 min and then it started getting dark it is still dark. I am so happy!! Thanks to everyone who helped me for my questions.and Baby Juice to everyone!!


jamers - October 6



BrandiH - October 6



keerthy - October 6

congrats shiva>>.......... yoooooooo!!!! where is the party ??? lolll!!!!


Shiva - October 6

Thanks!! Jamers,Brandi,Keerthy. Keerthy I would say check your BFP also then we will rock and Party wherever you want I am waiting for you BFP also. Baby Juice!!


GimmeaBub - October 6

WOOHOO! WTG SHIVA! , now comes the nerves lol, i still think it's not real. I keep worrying that i will go to my dr, he will do a blood test and it will come back negative! Enjoy the next 9 months :)


Meelliissaaxo - October 6

YAY! Congrats!


wantingbabytwo - October 6

that is so great congrat!!!


keerthy - October 6

hey shiva was outside the whole day couldn't come online for long! babes am so happy for you! 12th oct am going to India... wish i will get a BFP ... nice gift to my parents and in laws lolll!!!! fingers crossed.. will test tomorrow morning ie 7th... one day before my period! PRAY FOR ME !!!!!


jennifer_33106 - October 6

Congratulations!!! I wish you the healthiest pregnancy possible and the hapiest time as a mommy!!!


michelly4 - October 6

Congrats !!!


Shiva - October 7

Hi Keerthy- Hopefully you must have tested today morning. I am waiting for your BFP also. I am happy that you are going to India this month. But before going I would suggest to ask your parents and doctor that is it good to travel in plane because when I had started TTC'ng I had asked doctor same thing and doctor told me that at least first 03 months you should take care urself and same thing My mom also tells me that first three months you should not travel so long. It's just a suggestion. Next talk to your DH also. Happy BFP!! Baby JUICE!!


wantbabyboy - October 7

congrate shiva have you told the hubby yet? if not how are you planning on telling him ?


keerthy - October 7

HEY shiva... i did test today morning i used ultra pregnancy test sticks.. accurate for 10miu.. still it was Negative.... first day of my last period was on 9th so .... mine is a 30 day cycle ... am expecting it tomorrow... feeling tired, sleepy. more white discharge,... cramping but not like af ones.... something different... this morning couldnt keep my eys open just wanted to sleep... slept all thru the jouney in the car! if i walk for a short distance also am getting tired and cramping in my legs! some twitching in ma stomach... i really cannot explain.... fingers crossed1 i dont know how accurate are those sticks,... i have clear blue digital HPT ... may be will use them tomorrow or day after if i dont get my AF! wish me luck... Pray for me...


katt31 - October 7

Shiva congrats on bfp, keerthy i am so excited to hear your results! Please keep me updated! As for me you know the story! I am praying though.


catherine - October 7

congrats!! i was wondering wat is BFP?


keerthy - October 7

cathereine BFP is BIG FAT POSITIVE!



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