BFP Hardly Any Symptoms

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Jena - April 7

Hi girls!!! This site has been a life-saver to me. I have been TTC for 6 months and have researched/read up on EVERYTHING! My LMP was 2/16, which would make me like, 7 weeks preggo but I ovulated WAY late so I'm 4 weeks. Have an ultrasound on Tuesday 4/12!! My symptoms have been SLIGHT nausea during the afternoon hours - and lollipops have helped a ton. Oh - non-stop headache too. I thought I was preggo at first because I never dried up for AF to come. But besides these, I've had no symptoms - no sore bbs, no sensitive smell, no pains, no excessive tiredness, no "classic" signs. So, strangely enough, seriously anthing is possible in this strange world of baby-making! Best of luck to all of you - I think of you often!


Amanda - April 7

Congratulations Jena! I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to be smooth!


stacey - April 7

congrats and thanks for the hope :)


Alexis - April 7

Congratulations Jena! I knew you were pregnant, I too found out I was pregnant on April fools and my doctor confirmed with a blood test. When's your due date? I am due Dec. 5th but that might change when I see the doctor on the 20th. I like you had no "cla__sic" symptoms and I only have some afternoon sickness and I am just now having trouble waking up in the morning. I pray that we both have happy healthy pregnancies. Good Luck and I wish you the best!!


Jill - April 8

Hi Jena, You mentioned that you must have ovulated late and that is why the HP T didn't pick up the positive for quite some time after AF was due. I am in the same boat now. Am currently 6 days late (18 dpo). Had brown spotting (only came off on toilet paper) at days 10 & 11 dpo and have had some other symptoms as well. However, as recently as 16dpo (Wednesday), I took a HPT and got BFN (First Response, sensitivity of 25). My cycle is usually regular and am wondering if there's any way I could still be pregnant even with BFN. My question for you - You said you ovulated late during your cycle (right before expected AF). Were you using BBT or Ovulation Predictor? I used an ovulation predictor, which was positive at day 19 of my cycle (normally 31 days). What I'm wondering is if it's possible to ovulate twice, say on day 19 and also a day or two before my AF is due. OR is it always the case that if you ovulate twice, it happens in the same 24 hours? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I"m going crazy here! Every day I expect AF, but nothing comes and it has been a week. I have had intermittent, mild cramping since 7dpo and normally I only get cramps the first day of my period. Thanks!!! Jill


Stacey - April 8

Jill- what can happen (happened to me this month) is that your body gets ready to ovulate- hence the pos OPK, but for some reason doesn't- sick, stress etc... Then you oulate later.


Jena - April 8

Jill, I actually wasn't using OPK or BBT methods.. well, I kind of was but when my temp went up in the middle of the month, I thought I ovulated but then it stayed up (normal) and so I couldn't know if I ovulated again or not. What I did know was that my temp jumped mid-month, so I thought I was ovulating and BD'd. But then towards the end of my cycle, I got heavy CM that was not normal, so I told hubby that something was up and we "needed" to BD :). He was all for it and we think that that is when we got pregnant based on my hCG levels - they are WAY too low for me to have conceived mid-month - but match up for someone who conceived at the end of my cycle. So, that's how that was calculated. I have an u/s on Tuesday so we'll get a better date then. As for you, if the same thing happened to you then you could REALLY be in my boat. I wouldn't give up yet because if you did ovulate late, it won't show up on a HPT yet. Can you get a blood test? If you want to chat, my e-mail is [email protected] Good luck and try and get a quant_tative blood test!!


Jena - April 8

Alexis, can we be edd buddies?? :) I will be around that time - maybe about a week later. How far are you now? I'm still nervous about miscarriage - I will be until the 12 week mark! Just a worry wart... but I'm still enjoying my pregnancy!!


Alexis - April 8

Jena- What is an edd buddy? I am now 5w 4days along.I would like to have a pregnancy buddy.


Jena - April 8

Alexis, maybe I'm too into these shortcuts :) EDD is estimated due date. I'm thinking I'm 4-5 weeks but I'll find out Tuesday. It's so good to have someone so close!!! If you ever want to e-mail I'm [email protected] or I'm always on here :) hahaha


Alexis - April 8

I hear ya! I too am on here all the time. So you'll find out Tuesday that's cool I don't have an appt. until the 20th of this month so until then I'm waiting. No bad afternoon sickness today so that's good. I think it's actually the antibiotics that make me feel like c___p because up until I got sick I felt perfectly fine I didn't even think I was pregnant. The only bothersome thing is I have major gas both ends.HA my husband doesn't think it's too funny though.


Jena - April 9

Alexis - why is it that dh can have gas but not us? :) I bet you can't wait for your appt!! I'm so excited for mine mainly to get a date of when i conceived - not at the usual time so i have no idea how far along i am - kinda frustrating! hope you are feeling well!!



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