BFP Here Are My Symptoms

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Pepsi - November 6

Well ladies, two days ago I got my very first BFP though it was very faint. My symptoms were just sore bbs, dizziness, and sometimes feeling weak instead of tired. Today I got tired and now I feel like my food is stuck in my throat. But the biggest clue was that my temps stayed above cover line for 18 days. I really suggest charting because it helps you to understand what's going on. I knew that with my temps being above cover line for 18 days that I was pg, even when my tests came out negative. The next day I got a VFP from a $ tree test and another one from First Response. But if I hadn't had my chart for back up then I would have been going haywire trying to figure out why my period wasn't here. Oh, also, lots of pinchy like cramps. Hope this helps someone!!!


to Pepsi - November 6

1st of all, congrats! I notice u, u hv been on tis forum & very happy tat u got ur BFP now. Wld like to know abt the cm .. do u feel dry or iszit like others tat mention tat they hv so much cm? also, wat's ur temp? in degree celsius please. also, how many days r u past ur af due date tat u test? did u hv the avg 14 lutheal phase to bd? sori for so many questions but i am hunger for a BFP too :> THANKS SO MUCH for answering! Take good care now.


Naysa - November 6

CONGRATS!!!!!That is great news....Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy;)


?? - November 6

Pepsi, what was your cm like?


Steph - November 6

Congrats to you on your BFP!!!!


Q - November 7

Congratulations! I love reading about bfp's! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy :)


Pepsi - November 7

Thanks so much guys. I was two days late for AF when I tested. Before this month my luteal phase is normally 15-16 days. BUT, you baby dance before that. Luteal is cla__sified as after you O. I ovulated on CD 11 this cycle according to FF. About the started about three days before AF was due, but I always get a little right before so I didn't think much of it. BUT, this time it was creamy, lotiony and a heck of a lot. Its like I kept thinking that AF was coming because sometimes I would feel it trickle down (TMI) but it was just CM. Please feel free to ask away and I'll answer as much as I can or at least try to find an answer for you!!!


To Pepsi - November 7

How often did you bd around your O?


Pepsi - November 7

I BD every day for a week straight, not really knowing when I would O. I started BDing right when I noticed the watery CM start and until it finished.


kristina - November 7

pepsi - firstly, congratulations and i wish you all the luck throughout the next 9 months. thanks for being willing to respond to our questions. i have been bd'ing since last sunday (first sign of ewcm) and i think i ovulated yesterday. so i'm worried that we depleted the "reserves" and no more swimmers were left by the time O came yesterday. so my question is, how many days before O did you start bd'ing ? and how many months have you been ttc ? thx so much for any info you can pa__s along and congrats again !



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