BFP Here Were My SIGNS

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Soon2beMommy - February 14

ok im sooooooooooo happy right now! Me and my fiance (1st love 7yrs) just found out 2day we are having a beautiful baby.... I had a feelings i was, but wasnt signs were very sleepy, mild headaches, and very VERY SORE b i didnt know 4 sure and didnt want to take the test...but i was playing around with my fiance and i bumped into him and i started crying b/c my br___t was just hurting so BAD!!! My lmp was 1/11/07 so according 2 my dates i will be 5wks tomorrow.....IM SO HAPPY, This will be my first baby... (2yrs ago i lost our baby to a missed miscarrige)


jodie - February 14

Congrats!!!!!! When are you due??


Soon2beMommy - February 14

Thank-you...well i just found out today (1st response) i will make an appt 2morrow 2 find out for sure with an u/s but according to my last cycle, Oct 18th :D


Megs - February 15

Congrats!!! Happy and Healthy nine months to you!!!!!! :-)


MammaJL - February 15

~*~Congratulations~*~ Happy & Healthy 9Mos.


lissica - February 15



VenusdiMilo - February 15



jenn_ns - February 15

hey!! Congratulations! Hope you have a happy & healthy nine months! xx


littleangel - February 15

soon2bemommy congrats to you, i got my bfp as well this month and my lmp was 10 jan and my due date is 17th oct, so we are due around the same time and i to lost my DD at 22wks last year due to a blood clotting disorder. Good luck in your pregnancy.. jo


jenn_ns - February 15

sson2be and little angel.... hey!! We keep a count of all the BFP's for the month on the February BFP thread.... You're both more than welcome to add to it! (that's what it's there for!!!) xx


DownbutnotOUT - February 15

congrads and have a great happy and healthy 9 months!


staci - February 15



krismit - February 15

Congrats soon2bemommy!!! I also got my BFP on Valentines day!! But my lmp was 1/18 so we are due around the same time!!! Its so exciting!!! Good luck and have a happy and healthy 9 months:)


Soon2beMommy - February 15

OMG---THANKS EVERYONE!!! It feels so weird having people congratulate me, it feels so unreal!!!! I cant explain how i feel, i prayed for this along time ago. I lost my baby 2yrs ago, i didnt ever think i could feel happy again. Thanks again 2 everyone. CONGRATS 2 Lilleangel...thats so cool that we are due so close 2gether, keep me posted...did u go 2 da DR yet? Sorry about ur lost. And i pray 4 u & ur lil miracle. CONGRATS Krismit, yeah we are due around each other...thats so cool! Keep me posted as well. Have u went 2 da DR yet? And i also pray 4 u and ur lil miracle and for everyone else TTC.


littleangel - February 16

hi soon2bemommy, thanks, yes i have been to the dr's to get my pg confirmed, cos i am a high risk pregnancy they are referring me straight the hospital, i went on Mon this week and i have a midwife appointment on 8th march i will be 8wks then, i hope every thing turns out OK for you too, i would like to keep in touch as well. when are you going to see your Dr? Jo


krismit - February 16

hi Soon2beMommy, I go to the Dr.'s on the 21st of March. I will pray for you as well. Thank you!! I know what you mean when you say it feels unreal I feel the same way!! I look forward to sharing stories along the way!!


Soon2beMommy - February 16

littleangel: aww did u? Did u get an u/s monday? Dont worry, everything will be fine for you and ur baby : ) and my appt is on Fri instead at 1pm, so i cant excited! Krismit: ty 4 ur prayers, both of u are def in mines, and yeah sharing stories will be so much fun...ill keep u girls posted on me and the baby and yall do the same...rub that tummy and show ur baby im alreadying rubbing my tummy...



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