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annie - March 30

Hi. We are trying for last 6 months. I am 13 dpo today and i have very regular leutal phase of 14 days. I took a test just some times before with dollar tree hpt. I got a fain positive (clear pink line) within 1 minute. the box says "after 10minutes you should not consider the reading". Is that BFP ??? I am very scared to another test. have any of you tested with $tree hpt? Please advice. thanks and lots of Baby dust.


kw - March 30

i was just wondering, what is the brand name for the $tree hpt? i've heard alot about it and want to try it. by the way I definitly think your prego! They say even a faint line (as long as its in the time slot) is a positive so CONGRATS!!


Jena - March 30

yes, i agree with kw - a positive is a positive - I have heard of the dollar store ones and have heard pretty good things about them - the good news is, if they are cheap, they probably measure only really high hCG levels (not down to 25 like some "better" tests) so that's great if your hCG is high enough for a possibly "less accuate" test to read!!! Congrats!!!!


annie - March 30

Thanks Jena and kw for keeping my hopes up. I was constantly looking the test for 10 minutes and it remained the same. It didn't get dark or it didn;t vanish. I am really scared shivering after looking at that faint line..its still there. Oh my God. Thanks.


Layla - March 30

Actually the Equate brand and the dollar store brands test for very low Hcg and are better than lots of the more expensive ones. You happened to pick a highly recommended early PG test! Good for you!! Looks like your PREGNANT! look at for all Hcg tests out there and their levels. Dollar store one is listed!


Annie - March 30

Sorry. I forgot to mention that i didn't test with FMU.


Lindsey - March 30

Layla is right. The Dollar Tree brands have a sensitivity of 25miu..That's one of the lowest you can buy in a store instead of ordering online for lower ones. The Equate brand is also good, but there is one stipultaion, they have one for 25 or 40miu (can't remember) but they also have one for 100miu..And I don't recall seeing on the box which one has the lower sensitivity. I usually stock up from the Dollar Tree! They are great tests and very accurate! Congrats to you Annie!


Layla - March 30

Hi there gals! Lindsey, I found the same info on the net concerning the Equate brand testing at (one with the purple cap)100mui and (the all white one) 25mui. So, to the gal who keeps us informed on peeonastick website I emailed her the info. She emails me back and said that there is misinformation on the net concerning Equate mui testing and that she called them directly and they rea__sured her that ALL of their tests are testing at 25mui but they were aware of the misinformation out there concerning their products.


Nimrod - March 30

Just curious... what's the price on the Dollar Store epts? (gosh I'm gonna feel like an idiot if its "one dollar"....)


jj - March 30

yes the ones that you can get a the dollar tree are only $1


Alexis - March 30

Where are the dollar tree stores located? Are there any in arizona?


Nimrod - March 30

Yup... I feel like an idiot.


Layla - March 30

You can look up store locations online. I'm in Phoenix, AZ and I know there here.


D - March 30

Go to and click on the store locator in the left column.


Alexis - March 30

Thank You I found one I will go there on my way home from work!


MM - March 30

Are there any Dollar Trees in Canada?


jena - March 30

annie - you probably would have gotten a darker line if you had used fmu... again in the morning? :) haha that would just be me! a BFP is a yes!!! CONGRATS!!



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