BFP Wow I Owe You All So Much

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Caitlin - May 4

I just got my BFP after seven months TTC. I am in shock. Still have to tell my dh when he gets home tonight. We have had a tough time TTC (like everyone) but worse because the minute we started TTC, my period went crazy - while never a 28 day cyle (I'm usually 31-35 days) since November it's been 42-45 days which has been awful. We've only had three cycles to TTC - very frustrating until I read one very important fact on this site (which I later verified on another site) - you always ovulate about 14 days before AF. If your cycle changes, your ovulation shifts to the later date - still 14 days before AF (give or take). This was invaluable information from my family doctor (a woman). On the other hand, our fertility "expert" (you guessed it - a man) told me I probably haven't been ovulating, made me go through countless tests including a very painful HSG and kept saying even with the long cycles, I should bd cd 10-20. Ridiculous - I never hit my ovulation date that way - kept missing it. With his advice, that would been a luteal phase of 22-25 days! Advice I read here helped me so much to take charge of this situation - I started to chart this month and saw that I ovulated day 30 (exactly what my family doctor predicted - 15 days before AF). Cramped around ovulation day, got ewcm but only when I checked internally. Never would have known without this site to look for those signs. My temps have been up since then, then I went triphasic recently. I also had cramps around the time of implantation. I happened to see my doctor and when I told her these things, she figured I hit the right dates immediately and that I should test. Today is cd 52 and I figured AF isn't coming (either I missed it entirely or something is up). I've developped harder br___ts, sore nipples, more veins than usual on my chest, and I continue to have lights cramps with light cm. Although I haven't posted often, I wanted to thank each of you for sharing your experiences. I would have been scheduled to start chlomid and IUI (even though my tests revealed nothing wrong!) this month but your advice saved me from a doctor who wasn't paying any attention to me really. He didn't even bother to see if there is a problem with my ovulation - he just went ahead and said "you're probably not ovulating". I truly believe they get some kickbacks from these drug companies - why are they so quick to put us on these drugs? Anyway, I'm happy today, and thankful that I found this forum and a great family doctor. Thank you everyone. If you have any questions at all, please let me know - I found those types of answers helpful over the past few months.


thanks - May 4

It is good toknow that you had longer cycles, since that is what I am going through right now. I can't seem to get the rights dates to have s_x even though I temp. It is good to know that I can count back 14 days and try that way. Thanks for the input! Congrats!


caitlin - May 4

No problem. I also found that my temperature ranges were much lower in general than the "average". My "low temps" were around 96.8 F and my "high temps" only got up to 97.5F.


Celia - May 4

Caitlin how soon after ovulation did you start to have cramps. I am 3DPO and I am having these weird twinge like cramps, also felt really dizzy today while out shopping.


Cutie - May 4

Congrats Caitlin!!! I am sooo excitted for you, I hope I will get preggo soon too.... :) I am happy for you


stacey - May 5

Congrats Caitlin- and thanks for the encouragement. I also have long cycles and have been very annoyed this cycle (3 mos after a m/c, but only in 2nd cycle after)..I am on cd22, but still haven't ovulated! I also temp and check cervix, but it;s not looking promising this month. Isn't it so frustrating to have to wait for these long cycles to ttc. I am so envious of people w/ shorter cycles, they can ttc alot more!!! My cycles have been 36-40 days long since getting off of bc (and getting pg). Good luck and thanks again :)


Grandpa Viv - May 5

Congratulations Caitlin. Thanks for the feedback, and a happy and successful pregnancy to you.


Alison - May 5

Sorry to hear you had such a hard time Caitlin but....Yayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Have a happy healthy pregnancy x All the best x


sm (fr Singapore) - May 6

hi caitlin, u raise my hope tat i cld b pregnant when readin ur post. we r ttc for 7 mths but none still. my cycles hv gone haywire like urs. i wld very much appreciated if u cld tell me tat for tis mth, m i goin to count back 14 days fr my last cycle (which was 44 days)? my last few cycles r all w different no of days - stretching fr the first 36 days, then 59 days and the last 44 days. THANKS SO MUCH!



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