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bbdreams - April 30

Well, I thought I would offically post my BFP since I have now had 7 faint positives on the 'internet cheapies' and one definite positive usuing First Response! In hind sight I can say my symptoms(so far) have been sore br___ts, tired, slightly cranky, and some weird ance on my left shoulder (all for about the last week). In the last 2 days, a slight headache and obviously positive pregnancy tests!!! Oh and I'm feeling hungry more often. I'll keep you posted though :)


callie2008 - April 30

congrats!!!!! happy and healty 9 to ya! when will your edd be?


austynsmommy - April 30

congrats and happy and healthy nine months. Sticky dust


bbdreams - April 30

I haven't seen my doctor yet(appointment next week though). But I did one of the online due date calculators and it said on or around Jan 9/09!!!


bbdreams - April 30

Thanks for the congrats girls! Hopefully it's a sticky bean! :)


bbdreams - April 30

Oh and I should add weepy to that list(only recently). I keep almost bursting into tears(happy tears) at my desk lol. Ahh the joy of the emotional rollercoaster...weeeee!!!


Treybugs Momma - April 30

Congratulations bbdreams!!!!! I have been following your postings on the other thread and I was sure hoping you would get your BFP!!! And just think....if you had your baby 9 nine days early you could get a new years eve baby AND get to claim them on your taxes for this year!! LOL Nice way to end the year!


Treybugs Momma - April 30

btw I am huge accounting nerd!! LOL I am so glad tax season is over. It took me 2 weeks to get mine done!!


Preggo - April 30

Congrats bbdreams!!!! I'm so happy for you !! Here's to having the funniest time on the best emotional coaster ride of your life!!


lillybug - April 30

OMG!!!! CONGRATS GIRL!!!!! about that acne.... I had this weird acne on my shoulders for the last week now. its weird but I started feeling naucious now too. I hope its a wonderful nine months to you girl!


bbdreams - April 30

Thanks girls!!! I haven't experienced any nausea yet...knock on wood!!! I'm really hoping that part is mild, but I fear the worst as my mother suffered from horrible morning sickness, YIKES!!!


mjvdec01 - April 30



Naomi98 - April 30

happy and healthy nine months sweetie - bags of sticky babydust going your way xx


hope-31 - May 1



hopingwishingwaiting08 - May 1

Big Huge Congrats!! That is so exciting...I know I think I congratulated you on another post, but thought I would swing by here too...LOL. I should be in that's where I am headed!


bbdreams - May 1

Thanks ladies!!! I woke up to a stuffy/runny nose...which I'm praying is just a symptom and not the horrible cold that's going around the school I work at!!! I've been running from sneezing children all week in an attempt to spare myself, I hope my efforts weren't in vain lol!


Meelliissaaxo - May 1

Congrats, if i remember you were in a thread with me a couple months ago, hopefully my bfp is this month also. How long have you been ttc?



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