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Danielle26 - June 10

I got my BFP today on a FRER about 20 minutes ago!! I tested yesterday and BFN, but I got a BFP in 2 minutes and it wasn't even FMU! If anyone wants to know what my symptoms were I'll be happy to share!


rhamel - June 10

share symptoms girl!!!!


tonia - June 10

yes please do!


Danielle26 - June 10

All right, so I'm thinking I'm 12 dpo now, I'm not sure because I don't temp, but I had ECWM 12 days ago. Anyway, at 5 dpo I started getting annoying, slightly painful cramps, mostly when I went to bed. I also got a UTI at 6 dpo, went to the Dr. and got meds, and after a few days that went away. See, last month I really thought I was pg, but it was a UTI, and when I took meds the cramps went away. Not this time. I'm still cramping to this day. Also, my b___sts HURT! Last month they were a little tender, no BFP. This month I can't even do hugs cuz it hurts so badly. And a few days ago I went from no CM, which is normal for me pre-AF, to lots of CM, starting Weds (9 dpo). On the night of 8 dpo I got a sharp, hot, stabbing pain in the area of my uterus for about 10 seconds. The past few days the cramping has been a little worse, more like AF coming. I really thought I was out for the month! So I had a test at the Dr. on Weds, 9 dpo, just because I was there to see if my UTI was clear, and it was BFN. I tested yesterday morning, another BFN. I was going to wait until tomorrow and use FMU, but for some reason I just had to test today, FMU or not. I was so surprised to see that second line! So now I have to wait for my DH to get back (he's like 3 hours away), and I need to call my Dr. on Monday. I pray that this sticks! Baby dust to the rest of you!


tonia - June 10

Danielle! good luck! baby dust to you!


Lala - June 10

congrats!! Join us on the first trimester board.


Grandpa Viv - June 10

Congratulations, Danielle, and thanks for sharing.


dedaa - June 10

congrats girl seems like there is alot of us this month I got mine on the 8th.


Danielle26 - June 10

Congrats, Dedaa!! And thanks to the rest of you for your well wishes! Baby dust to ya'll!


Amber #2 - June 10

Congrats Danielle!! :)


ROCK - June 11

Just wanted to congratulate you Danielle. Everytime I hear of a bfp it makes me smile! Just out of curiosity, how long were you ttc? Did you chart bbt?


ashleyd - June 11

congrats :)


ROCK - June 11

Just wanted to let you ladies know I just got my BFP! Still in shock. I think I'm shaking!


VenusdiMilo - June 11



Danielle26 - June 11

Well, this was ttc #2, and with my DS, we weren't even trying. This time, we planned on ttc from this cycle until around September. Well, it only took this once, and we BD'd just 3 times around O time. We are so blessed!


curly - June 12

how late were you? when was af due?


LadyD - June 12




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