BFP And Symptom

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Brandy - April 21

Hi to all those TTC! My husband and I started trying around 4/8-4/10 (ovulation) and I had a BFP x 2 today. We really did not expect it to happen this quickly. Anyways, here are the signs that I have had so far...they really mimiced my period. BBS (slightly), heartburn, fatigue, some mood swings, and I did have scant (and I mean scant) amount of pink yesterday when I went to the bathroom. Again, none of these signs were real noticeable. I have started today feeling slightly nauseous.


Kristina - April 22

Congrats! I just got my BFP today, too!!! :)


stacey - April 22

thanks for sharing the symptoms and congrats :)


c - April 22

oh how sweet. congrats to you!!! :-)


Lenore - April 22

Brandy, when were you due for your af? i am having same symptoms but am not due until April 26 and want to test soon?


Brandy - April 24

Lenore, I was due around 4/18-4/20. Wait to test. I know it will drive you crazy, but it is better to know for sure. It will only get you down. I tested a week too early (4/14) and it said BFN. However, I tested on 4/21 and it was faint. Today I tested (just being neurotic) and it was definitely there. It is worth the wait. Good luck to you and hang in there. Are you having any symptoms? Mine were very vague...more like a period. I even broke out with acne.


Brandy - April 24

Also, thanks to you all for the congratulations. I am very nervous!!! Lots of baby dust your way.


Lenore - April 25

Brandy, I tested yesterday 2 days before af and got BFP!!!! of course i tested twice and will be calling my doctor today to have my hormone levels checked (being that I had a mc in Feb). I have all the symptoms, sore nipples, frequent urination, dizzy, I actaully knew i was pregnant as soon as it happened, I felt the implantation cramps 8 days after conception, it's amazing!! Best of luck !!!


Brandy - April 26

Lenore, congratulations!!! I too had cramping and light pink spotting with implantation. (I thought I was starting my period). I go to my doctor's for the 1st time on 5/11. Very excited. Good luck to you. We need to keep up with each other to compare notes.


Brandy - April 26

Also, congratulations Kristina. Good luck to you:)


Lenore - April 26

Brandy, I have a dr. appt today to check my hormone levels but i would imagine my ultrasound won't be for a few weeks. I can't wait for that. I have been feeling extremely tired lately!! All for good reason. keep in touch.



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