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Tama - June 5

Hi girls! on Friday-nitght the 2nd of June i got my BFP and on Saturdaymorning BFP!! The is no doubt that the second line appears within seconds! going to make an appointment with my gyne, not going 4 bloodtest now, 'cause when going 2 gyne he does sonar and do the bloodwork, save some money. KimS it finally happened, i'm just a bit confused on the 11th and 12th of May i also got a faint bfp and then had (sorry tmi) bright red cycle with clots if i can remember correctly. So i'm either further along than i'm think or i got preggies around the16th or 17th May ...(@).... bump !


KimS - June 5

Hey Tama!!! Congratulations.... I will be making an appointment for about 2 weeks from now.. when I'll be about 6 weeks.. I think I am 4 weeks tomorrow.. I am still a testing addict I have strips left so i keep testing every day and I'm still pregnant.. keeps getting darker so that's good!! anyways we'll have to stay in touch since we'll be due around the same time!!!


Tama - June 5

KimS, what is your e-mail address, it's much easier to e-mail each other. my e-mail adress is: [email protected] - this is my work e-mail, only me and my boss gets e-mail and i'm the only one working for him, so i get all the mails. he does not open mails adressed to me. I got an appointment on Wednesday morning (7th of June) so i will keep you informed. ....(@).... lotsa babydust and bump !


LN030905 - June 5



LadyD - June 5

Congrats, Tama! When was your lmp? Maybe you are further along. Maybe what you had was implantation bleeding, was af due when you saw the clots?


Tama - June 5

Thanx LN030905 & LadyD. Well LadyD, i stopped bc in January had af 23/01/06 (4days) and 11 Feb (4 days), none in March, 11th April (3.5days) then 12th May (2.5 or is it 3days). Got my first bfp 11th and 12th May. Will keep you girls informed. stickydust KimS. Going home now .. c u girls 2 mrw ...(@)... bump !


patrizia - June 5

great news TAMA ! i wonder how far along you are ? did you conceive in may when you first got your BFP or the BFP from june ? good luck !


VenusdiMilo - June 5



laurac - June 5




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