BFP But Am I Pregnant

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Natalie - September 11

I know this is dumb and will sound weird, but I did a first response test yesterday (I am now 7 days late) and it came out to be a positive. I am reluctant to believe it, or dont want to who knows! I dont have any other symptoms, should I take the test as accurate or take another one. I have been having unprotected s_x for 4 months now and not been late at all. (Once but was put down to stress) We both assumed we couldnt have kids. I have just started a new job too, so I assumed thats why im late. My partner is currently out of the country till next week and I dont want to see a doc to discuss options till I have him near me. He does know about it though and is a little shocked. Am I pregnant? Please help!


to natalie - September 11

a positive is a positive congratulations


Grandpa Viv - September 11

Most women who are reluctant to believe it take another test or several, but the answer doesn't change. Good luck with your options.


Natalie - September 11

Id love to have a baby, Its just hard at the moment not knowing how my partner feels about it! You can only discuss so much on a mobile phone.. I need him by my side, wouldnt feel right otherwise.


To Natalie - September 11

Congratulations on the BFP but i was wondering why you were having unprotected s_x if you werent hoping to fall pregnant?


Natalie - September 11

I didn't think I could have babies due to a problem I had when I was younger and my partner thought the same (that he wasnt fertile),I was on the pill regardless and using protection when we first got together but the pill reacted badly with me and because my doc said when I was young it would be hard to conceive I sort of shrugged it off. I know irresponsible! but we knew if it happened it would be a miracle and we would see it through. I am against abortion so that wont happen, but I do want to make sure it is real and not a false positive.


Natalie - September 11

I also need the support of my partner too, so I know how he feels. Its kinda hard when he is in another country!


Val - September 11

hi Natalie... congrats! If you got a positive, it was probably correct. False negatives are much more common than false positives, especially 7 days after AF was due. If I was you, I'd take another one just for your peace of mind, and make sure to take some prenatal vitamins. Lots of women don't have symptoms at first. Good luck to you!


ker - September 12

hpt's are 99% accurate, you can take another just to be sure, but chances are you are pg. GL!



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