BFP Buttttttt Line Disappear

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momofone07 - November 23

Hi All, I was hoping someone could help me with this?? I have been having many pregnancy symptoms.. Of course it is VERY early.. I am due in 3 days or so for AF.. I have been crampy.. unlike PMS.. My bbs are not only tender but sore!! I have been having headaches and I spotted for a few days which is unlike me.. My bbs have been sore since right after O which is also uncharacteristic of me.. I took a FRER this morning and within 4 minutes a very light line appeared.. It was thick but I couldn't tell if there was pink or not.. About 5-10 minutes later I looked at the test again and the line was gone?? ANy help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank You:)


thickness - November 23

hello momofone07- the only thing i could tell you is to wait to see if af shows or try another test first thing in the morning, it's good that you pay close attention to your body which is great, because you notice some changes, But in the mean time, time will tell if you are pregnant, good luck.


momofone07 - November 24

Hi Thickness.. Thank You very much for your response:) how are you? Are you in your TWW? I went and bought some more first response but I accidentally bought the rapid results one.. That one says it detects hormones on the first day of your missed AF.. Oops.. That is Thursday for me so I guess I will have to wait.. It is just so weird.. Now don't get me wrong. Every month I feel as if I have some new symptoms but this month it really does seem as if I am feeling different. When I eat I get a full feeling in the very bottom of my stomach. not really where I normally feel full but more in my lower abdomen.. My bloating has been going on for a while now and I have been getting crazy indigestion.. and again my bbs hurt!! They are not tender.. but they hurt.. Anyways.. thank you for your support and good luck with your BFP!!


thickness - November 24

Hi-momofone07 your welcome. im doing okay thanks for asking. im actually not in the tww because im not bding anyone. im looking into artificial semination, i have no boyfriend or husband unfortunately. I do have a 10 year old daughter, and i'd love to give her a sibling, and expand our family, my friends do not agree with me, about the artificial insemination part, they said wait for a nice man, but geesh i could be 50 when that happens, im 38 now. I can't wait to start testing to see if my pregnant. the fullness of the stomach sounds like my friend, who was just pregnant, she kept complaining how full her belly felt, and she hardly ate. and then she found out six weeks later that she was pregnant, so im toasting to all thes BFP's. good luck to us all, keep me posted and i'll do the same.


momofone07 - November 24

HI there.. I don't see anything wrong with artificial insemination.. I completely understand about you wanting your 10 year old daughter to have a sibling. My son is currently 7 and I would love for him to have a sibling:) I feel like the sooner the better.. My bf and I are not actively trying nor are we "not trying to".. What happens.. happens.. Of course deep down I would love another one:) When is your date for AS? Good Luck:) I am sure all will work out for you..


thickness - November 25

Hey Momo thanks for the understanding. that's just the thing i haven't set up the appointment yet. the fursthest i got was sending off for the information of a sperm bank, i got the package and i have to read things through carefully, one of my friends told me why dont you just ask a guy and see what he says , im thinking that would be rather bizarre. i am sleeping on this every night though, and the clock is ticking. But i know i need to act soon, baby dust to all.



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